Heroes Reborn – “Brave New World” & “Odessa” Series Premiere Review

Volume One: Awakening

“Brave New World”

After a serious terrorist attack on what looked to be a day meant to celebrate people coming together at a summit in Odessa. They were looking to make things best, but Mohinder was behind it. The result, one year later, all evos are hunted and prosecuted. Evos are targets for hatred. It’s clear that life is rather difficult for these people.

Heroes Reborn - "Brave New World"Enter Tommy Clare who goes to a evo meeting simply to learn how to control himself. Conveniently this also introduced Luke who watched his son die in his arm. Rather than blame the man responsible, he and his scorned wife are going around kill all evos they can find. It’s quite a tragic way for them to take out their rage. They are the kind of people that are bad people waiting for an excuse to let out their rage. It is kind of refreshing that despite giving them an understanding back story, they are just plain awful. There’s no good in them and any time you see them on screen you know something bad will happen.

In fact, I found myself drawn in to Tommy. it’s hard not to like him. He’s a bit mysterious, but he’s also good natured. He may not be able to control his power, but he has so much potential. There’s something sweet about him, but he’s not a total pushover. He’s definitely the character you root for as a protagonist.

Heroes Reborn - "Brave New World"There were a number of other story lines that we followed as well, but I found that they just weren’t as compelling. Whether it was Noah Bennet’s quite life with occasional disruptions from conspiracy theorists or Miko being accused of being Katana Girl, or Carlos returning to find that his brother was an evo robbing banks. Each of those storylines had their highlights and were interesting to varying degrees, but I just never felt connected to them. (I’ll admit I enjoyed seeing the Haitian again.) I wasn’t rooting for anything to happen, just watching it play out and as a result it largely lacked tension. If those storylines don’t gain something to give them a bit more edge or quickly tie into the main conflict, it’s going to make them feel like an unnecessary auxiliary.

Now I really hate being petty when it comes to special effects on shows, but this is one of those shows where it is particularly bad. And when I mean that they are bad I’m talking Once Upon A Time green screen bad. This may have been because a chunk of the budget was used for the Katana Girl animated sequence.


Now, I really liked Tommy in the first episode. Yet, within the first few minutes I was frustrated. Having a power is dangerous. He knows that being an evo means a life on the run. This girl found out about his secret and that’s a safe enough thing. What is not safe is Tommy using his power on school grounds in a room with windows. It just didn’t make any damn sense. Thankfully, Jake was willing to bargain, only that bargain meant making Jake’s abusive step-father disappear. Honestly, once Jake showed the massive bruises he had and his stepfather’s verbal abuse, it seemed a personally reasonable thing to do to me. Tommy on the other hand panicked and ran. Someone is looking out for Tommy though.

Heroes Reborn - "Odessa"What was interesting is that we actually got to see Luke and Joanne trapped in the little prison Tommy sent them to. It seems that they are in a nice hollow room filled with some of Tommy’s old belongings. Their main goal is getting out, but now that they aren’t reduced to just murdering people, we kind of get to see them interacting. They may be bonded by their killing spree, but the death of their son has driven a huge wedge between them. They are nasty to each other and I enjoy it. He’s the thinker and she’s the brash abrasive one. As she began to delve into her emotions and wallow, he kept thinking, ignoring what he even said. He got them out, only to discover it was the Primatech headquarters in Odessa, probably a remnant from Tommy’s childhood testing there.

The alternate world in the game surrounding Miko and Ren was something that I actually really enjoyed. It was clunky. There wasn’t much clear story. However it was fun and felt different from the rest of the show. The problem with that though is it felt so unnecessary. It didn’t overtly deal with any of the issues we are seeing in the other storylines. The result is it just feels like it’s extra fluff in the show. Thus Miko kicking but in real life just didn’t have the impact I hoped.

Heroes Reborn - "Odessa"Noah is running around with Quentin. Something about his conspiracy theory seemed to have spurred him combined with what The Haitian told him. That lead them back to Odessa and the site of the explosion. One first glance the place appeared abandoned (thought known knew better and was proved correct in that assumption) Noah was able to learn that Claire is in fact alive. This information being revealed in this story line is interesting, but the slow plodding to the revelations isn’t quite as interesting.

What did you think of the episode?

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