How Are This Season’s New Premieres?

Over the past two weeks shows have been trickling on. Between new shows and returning shows, the week is already proving to be totally packed and there are still a number of shows left to premiere. Now I certainly have not watched all of the new shows, but I wanted to give a run down of the shows I have seen and whether they are worth it or not.

Since it tends to be easiest to break things down by day here we go again.


Minority Report

What it’s about: 10 years after the events in Minority Report, precrime has been disolved, but Dash one of the precog twins is now trying to stop murders from happening. The only problem is without his brother he only gets part of the bigger picture. Teaming up with an ambitious cop Lara Vega they solve crimes.
Check out the premiere review here.
Was it worth it?: Yet again, a FOX science fiction show has a lot of awesome tech. The chemistry between Dash and Vega was interesting. Most importantly, it has a premise that isn’t just a gimmick. Yet, there was something missing. I definitely enjoyed it, but walked away wishing there was something more. If you are intrigued check it out, but considering the ratings it likely isn’t going to stay long.


The Muppets

What it’s about: The Muppets are back. The whole crew is coming along as Kermit serves as producer to Miss Piggy’s late night show. Told in documentary style, we’re pulled back into the world of the muppets.
Was it worth it?: I definitely enjoyed this. I never grew up with their variety show. My exposure as a kid has been the movies. Thus this doesn’t feel off from what I’m used to and I certainly found myself laughing. Let’s be real, not all of the jokes land, but considering not all comedies can so much as make me smile, this show at least got some laughs.

Scream Queens

What it’s about: There is a murderer lose on campus and it seems to be targeting Kappa Kappa Tau led by the ultimate bitch, Chanel Oberlin.
Check out the premiere review here.
Was it worth it?: Scream Queens is more funny than scary. In fact, it’s not scary at all. The moments that would usually played for horror in another show are undercut by humor. Personally, that was something I enjoyed. The characters are caricatures and they ham it up big time. As long as you’re willing to accept that this show is meant to be funny and over the top you’ll probably enjoy it. Just remember, everything about this show is tongue in cheek.


What it’s about: When ordinary going nowhere Brian stumbles onto a temp job where his former bandmate now works, he’s given a drug that opens his mind. Suddenly he is at his full potential and that means it gets him into trouble with others who want the drug.
Check out the premiere review here.
Was it worth it?: This show completely surprised me. It picked up after where the movie left off with new characters and I found myself completely enamored. I almost instantly liked Brian and wanted to see him succeed. THe use of the drug, NZT, was well handled. I was initially hesitant over whether I would continue to review this one, but now I’m invested.

The Bastard Executioner

What it’s about: Something about a man who lost his wife and then took up the role as the executioner. He’s masquerading as the executioner so he can get close to the people he wishes to get revenge on.
Was it worth it?: Unless you really like drawn out narratives that are just too much detail than necessary, then you should probably pass. For me I found myself zoning out too much in the two hour premiere. It wasn’t that gripping and I never felt attached to any of the characters. There were entertaining scenes, but they were largely few and far between. Honestly, I don’t even remember what the main character’s name was.


Heroes Reborn

What it’s about: Heroes returns with more of the story. Set after a disaster happened in Odessa at a summit that should have brought evos and humans together, tensions are at their highest.
Check out the premiere review here.
Was it worth it?: I’ll be honest I can’t yet tell. From the premiere alone it felt watch able, dragging at a few moments, disconnected at others, yet I felt a grain of potential. Unfortunately, I felt that one of the major drawbacks was that it tried to be too much like the original show, namely following too many groups of characters. I honestly felt like if the show focused on only Noah Bennet and Tommy it would have been much better and much tighter. As of now, I’m interested to watch on, but I’m not in love.

What did you think of the series premieres that have come on so far?

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