Z Nation – “Zombie Road” Review

Asylum surprisingly does a great job with this show. However, the opening proved the first moment when things looked truly bad. There have been some weird effects and such. However, after a bizarre burned zombie more savagely than usual attacked a man his busted head looked truly terrible. It did however introduce an interesting new concept. Blasters which were zs that died from the radiation. They were different, faster, smarter, and when they attack went straight for the brain. Their movements were bizarre and changed quickly making them a legitimate threat.

For the first time within the group there is a power struggle. For the longest time Warren has been in charge. However Vasquez is definitely a dominant. There’s a bit of a tension between the two. it’s clear that Vasquez is more trigger happy and less willing to help people. That said, he is willing to step back since he’d the new man in the group. Everyone respects Warren. Right now these problems are very minor, but it would e interesting to see this play out.

Z Nation - "Zombie Road"Cassandra is still going through issues. However the zweed that they stumbled on allowed her to feel. it’s an interesting concept. it was almost as thought she instantly returned to herself again. She’s snapping more often. She keeps feeding, but at least she realizes she needs more zweed. It was kind of sweet that 10k still seems to be drawn to her as much as he is repulsed. Even he can’t tell if she’s more zombie or human. At this point it isn’t clear, but I’m betting on z since she follows Murphy around like a dog.

Possibly more interesting than Cassandra’s progress was that Murphy was completely useless against the blasters. He couldn’t even partially control them. The best he could do was get them to temporarily stop on the way. It was bad news to the point that now going through all this territory is extremely dangerous now. They thought they had an advantage, but now they don’t. The situation got particularly bad when Addy found herself caught in the middle between a freshly turned caravan of zs and a bunch of blasters trailing them.

Z Nation - "Zombie Road"The final sequence was rather entertaining. Seeing them move further and further up the 18 wheeler until they had nowhere left to go built tension beautifully. That left them with a decision to make and it couldn’t have been an easy one even if it really was their only possible option. Now the group is further along their path, but yet again completely Murphy-less. It’s kind of amazing that pretty much everyone they encounter ends up dead. Out of the entire caravan only the drugged out nephew survived.

What did you think of the episode?

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