Fear The Walking Dead – “Cobalt” Review

The place the people deemed unsavory from the safe zones is not a pleasant place. People are in cages. Yet somehow that’s not the worst. There are people in the cages that are making deals with the soldiers. How that man got into the pen is curious. Then again it could have been his personality.

Fear the Waking Dead - "Cobalt"Ofelia is not dealing well with her mother being taken away so forcefully. The result is lashing out. But I enjoyed it wasn’t without reason she did it for a reason to lure one of the soldiers in to capture one. Of course Daniel was behind it. What was most interesting was that all its clear a number of the soldiers don’t agree with what’s going on. Including Ofelia’s boy toy. Madison went along with the whole plan, hesitantly, because she wants Nick back. Daniel’s methods were gruesome torturing the man his daughter seriously liked.

Out of all the characters on this show I really feel the worst for Chris. He’s the most abandoned of them all. His mother left him. His father talks down to him. Madison rather than treat him normally,tries to assert her role as the caring soon to be step mother. He is not in a good place. Through all that he’s a good guy. He just wants reassurances. It was nice to see the usually hostile Alicia actually reach out to him to be nice. They really got a chance to bond and it definitely seems that there might be something between them. I just won’t mention that her boyfriend just died a few days ago and was just tattooing his drawing into her arm, prison-style.

Travis in an attempt to talk his way into getting Nick back ended up on a military trip. Honestly as every episode goes on I grow more and more irritated with him. He couldn’t take the show because even as he faced the dead a threat to all living, he couldn’t take the shot. It may have been a dick move to put Travis on the spot like that, but it cemented how weak he is in this world.

Fear the Waking Dead - "Cobalt"Liza truly thought she was going to do what was best. She was put straight to work. However she couldn’t get her mind off her people. It’s clear others want. She didn’t take Dr. Exener’s word for truth and went exploring to find Griselda. It was a nice parallel to see Liza have the ability to put down one of the dead, someone she knew, but Travis couldn’t do the same for a stranger.

The revelation of what cobalt was is kinda of a big deal. Cobalt is the evacuation of the base. All civilians are to be terminated and military are to move out. Apparently their little safe zone is going into cobalt the next day. That means if they want yo survive they need to move quietly and quickly.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “Fear The Walking Dead – “Cobalt” Review

  1. it’s bizzard how in this serie, it seem like and eternity, i realy wanted to go to caos quikly. come on, we are waiting.

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