The Strain – “Fallen Light” Review

Justine is out there actually making a difference in this battle with the vampires. She’s doing work. She wants her officers to be compensated. it’s beyond reasonable. However, she’s being met with some fierce opposition. The mayor doesn’t like that people are being extorted or in the words of Justine taxed. Under normal circumstances that could be a good thing to check Justine. However, it doesn’t seem like they have a full understanding of what is really going on.

It isn’t surprising that Palmer is trying to move in as chaos erupts in the wake of the Mayor’s death. This not only allowed him to move in to try to help. It also enabled Justine to get a higher position of power. She seems to realize that she’s walking into a dangerous deal with Palmer, but she still does it. Palmer believes that he can pull her strings, but I think Justine is a bit more a of wild cannon than she thinks. She has a goal and is willing at times to bend her morals to an extent to achieve it. And I need to mention I still do not like the Palmer Coco relationship one bit.

The Strain - "Fallen Light"Gus is going back taking his fight to the people to the criminals. It looks that those locked up in high security, likely for bad behavior, but it saved their lives. The rest of the prison was dead. Angel doesn’t seem to like it, but is willing to go along with it. Gus needs his army and who is better than a bunch of criminals who can be appeased (note my sarcasm). Well not really. They are stupid and don’t know how to listen to Gus’s warning to not kill the one guard alive in the place instead they’d rather have revenge. As a result people died when they shouldn’t have. They were ready to turn on Gus in a second just for suggesting they work for someone else.

Setrakian is still trying to get the Occido Lumen in his possession. At this point this storyline of misses and failures. It’s growing weary. Get the damn book already.

There has been so much focus on this relationship between Dutch and Nina. I don’t care about that relationship. I don’t understand it. They are toxic to each other. They don’t seem to have anything in common. They don’t have chemistry. I just don’t understand it at all and the more we focus on it the more that I hate we waste time on it. The whole relationship was an unnecessary

The flashbacks felt entirely unnecessary. They were going back to when Eph first met Nora and she joined the team. They could have been completely left out. Last season we got a real great sense of their relationship. This season it has crumbled and left the the wayside. These flashbacks were supposed to remind us of that. However, if more attention was paid to that rather than other storylines (coughDutchcough) we wouldn’t have needed a reminder.

What did you think of the episode?

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