Gotham – “Rise of the Villains: Knock Knock” Review

There was a moment in this episode when I realized that I had to review this episode. I planned to not review this episode, but then I just got sucked in to one particular moment that I wanted to discuss. So rather than one of my normal reviews, I’m just going to highlight a few of the points that stuck out to me the most this episode.

Alfred is Bruce’s caregiver. He may not be his father, but he’s always been there for Bruce and cared for him. He has Bruce’s well being and safety on the forefront. Thus when Alfred got in the way of Bruce’s new path, his decision was to fire Bruce. it was a low blow, that caught me off guard. I could totally imagine this sort of tantrum from a rich kid with a mission. That said, I’m not entirely sure how Bruce could have fired his guardian. He may be on salary, but he’s also a legal guardian. Putting that aside I was glad to see that Bruce grew some sense. That doesn’t mean he lost any of his entitlement.

Gotham - "Rise of the Villains: Knock Knock"There was a really great scene between Alfred and Lucius. Alfred is highly protective of Bruce. Seeing Alfred really assert his role and how he feels about Bruce was a great scene. At first, I wasn’t completely drawn in, but then I was engrossed. It’s nice to see Lucius onboarded.

The other major thing in this episode that struck me was the power structure in this new villain squad. It’s very clear that Jerome is coming out on top. There’s an ease to how deranged he is. It is truly a great performance because he’s capable of drawing you in. I find that whenever he’s on the screen, I can’t look away. His behavior is so very Joker and hot and cold yet always with a smile.

What did you think of the episode?

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