Minority Report – “Mr. Nice Guy” Review

Wally was seemingly the only person who cared about Dash as a kid. To everyone else, Dash, and his siblings were nothing more than tools. I was glad to see Wally again. Despite him having a useful machine for Dash to use, I wasn’t sure that he would actually return. He adds a bit of levity to the entire scenario.

Minority Report - "Mr. Nice Guy"This week’s case surrounded a girl who was murdered. The only clues were a symbol and some shoes. Since Arthur won’t help, they have to go after it the hard way. That said this led to Dash into a bunch of new situations. The thing with Dash is that he was in that milk for a long time, but he’s also been out along time. The world isn’t new to him. But he has been isolated and that makes he socially awkward at times. It is fun seeing him stumble through situations.

I’m glad the show didn’t just glance over the fact that Dash killed someone. Killing someone for the first time is a big deal. Thus Vega urging him to take time to process what happened was good. That said, the nature of who he is and his unique experience that even his siblings couldn’t fully understand make him a bit cold to death. Dash admitting that even though he killed a man, it didn’t feel all that strange for him. That it self will surely take a toll, but his current state is one that is very different from what we’d be used to or would expect.

Minority Report - "Mr. Nice Guy"

Minority Report. “Mr. Nice Guy” Season 1 Episode 2. S01E02, Property of FOX.

Arthur is an antagonist, but he most certainly is not a villain. He loves his brother, but he’s a pest. He thinks he knows best. However, I really want more for him. He just pops up for a few minutes each episode, but we don’t get a whole lot from his character. I hope we get to see more of him in the future.

With all the tech that’s in the show it’s hard not to notice them. I think in every episode I’ll mention my favorite bit of tech. This week I was quite interested in seeing the way that clubs were done. In the club, rather than talking to people and getting to know them, a tab of a wristband gave a percentage compatibility. How useful would it be to see if you were compatible with someone else thanks to your DNA. It’s a pretty interesting concept even if it does completely take away the fun of interacting. Then again it also prevents you from wasting time. It was a nice touch that when Vega and Dash tapped theirs it came out with a 51% chance. Although the moving tattoos and the sick stick were pretty cool too.

What did you think of the episode?

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