Agents of SHIELD – “Laws of Nature” Season Premiere Review

Guys, guys, guys. Agents of SHIELD is back.

We open on one of the new inhumans, Joey, created from that lovely fish oil pills that were spread. His ability was pretty cool as anything he touched seemed to melt. Heck even things he didn’t even touch. Military was ready to take him out, thankfully the new task force including, Daisy, Mack, and Hunter swooped in and extracted him before he could get hurt or hurt anyone else. Daisy is really taking the lead and it’s ice to see her coming into her own. She’s taking the charge informing people about their inhuman status and how to deal with them.

Agents of SHIELD - "Laws of Nature"When Daisy went through her transformation she had no other family. Only the people she knew were her family. Her transition was about getting the people she knew to accept her for who she is. It is nice to see someone dealing with not just their idea of themselves changing, but their entire life shattering. Joey is a look in that direction. With him we get to see how a person deals with becoming a person with abilities, learning they are part human, and struggling the crippling fact that the lives they once had can never be retrieved for their own safety among others.

The bad news bears of it all is that inhumans are turning up all over the country. However those who aren’t saved by Coulson and his team are ending up on slabs with their hearts torn out. This gave her the appearance of being dangerous which she upholds.. At least until Coulson and Hunter’s attempt to speak to her alone. Rosalind revealed a bit more information. The corpses that they were retrieving were already corpses when they got their. Neither of them want the inhumans dead and neither knows what is causing it.

Now let’s talk for a moment about the hospital attack. Mack and Daisy had just gone to try to convince Lincoln to leave his ordinary life behind and help with the intake of new inhumans. It’s clear that Lincoln is reeling against everything he came to know as true. He wants normality, but normality seems to be constantly ripped away. The appearance of a dangerous inhuman, likely Lash. He completely wrecked the hospital. Daisy and Lincoln barely held them off. I’ll be interested in seeing both who this new inhuman is and how quickly Lincoln will realize he’s being hunted.

Agents of SHIELD - "Laws of Nature"Thankfully, Simmons disappearance was not forgotten. Apparently, no one has entered the room with the monolith since her disappearance. It’s clear that Fitz is going to stop at nothing to find her. After all they’ve been through, they finally reached a place where their relationship will step forward. Then she was yanked away. It almost felt like he was yet another person again. He’s regained even more confidence since were we left off end of last season. Things got a bit tense in that situation, but Fitz didn’t go in without a plan. It was tragic when we saw that it turned up nothing. Coulson saying that he would inform her family of her MIA status sent him over the edge, driving him to enter that dangerous room. He lost it in a scene that was truly emotional. Gosh Fitz, you’re hurting my heart.

The episode didn’t end without checking in. Simmons is still very much alive, however it’s clear she is on New Attilan (or maybe just Attilan) struggling to survive. No word on May though.

What did you think of the episode?

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