Limitless – “Badge! Gun!” Review

Brian is still a hugely likeable character. It’s hard not to like him. He’s funny, he’s sweet and he’s not a major problem. The fact that the show made it clear that Brian is not part of the FBI. His badge and gun were office supplies. They want to keep him in the office. While he’s given NZT he’s also forced to stay in the office. Honestly, it is Brian’s personality and his family that gives this show so much heart.

Brian’s home life is entertaining. He’s struggling with having to keep secrets from his family. This is largely because the people playing his parents, particularly his dad, are so lovely. You really get the sense that they care. What is interesting is that Morra is still making moves on Brian. Just when he thought he had a way to tell his dad about what was going on thanks to attorney-client privilege, the nurse appeared. There is definitely an interesting story going on here in the background surrounding what Morra wants from Brian and how Morra is willing to use Brian’s family as leverage.

Limitless - "Badge!" Gun!"The show is definitely a procedural. We are clearly given a case that Brian needs to figure out. The elements that one sees in all procedural shows. This week’s case was all about a murder. Of course. This time it involved Brian tracing down a bomb. Then tracing down a genetically modified disease that targeted descendants of Genghis Khan. it was amusing and seeing so many twists play out felt satisfying. On the average procedural you would see maybe half of the elements and major twists in an average episode. It’s a high pace that this show is setting up for itself.

The feel and tone of the show is that is possible the most interesting. The quick pace, the talking to himself, the voiceover. It all gives this show a feel like the movie and most importantly one different than most other procedurals. Since this is a procedural, I’m finding this show difficult to review. There are certainly elements that are carrying over from week to week. However, the strength of the episode, as of right now, is based on the competency and complexity of the case.

What did you think of the episode?

One thought on “Limitless – “Badge! Gun!” Review

  1. well, .. forever, minority report, blind spot like this one too limitless they made the same error again and again, he has power and he should help the police, how that could be innovating, remember jarod in the camelion he was something, every time some new job with a great stroy that was a show.
    for me limitless is better as movie because it’s not police involved,

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