Scream Queens – “Chainsaw” Review

While this show definitely still entertains me and it knows its stupid, there were a few moments that took it too far. The main one being in the opening Grace and Zayday actually believed that Chanel 2 was still posting on instagram. Even from the faraway image we saw a few times it was clear that she was stiff and immobile. Sure the idea that whoever is behind these murders is trying to Weekend at Bernie’s her is kind of funny, it just didn’t play well on screen. It did inspire them to go check on her parents. That said that plot point could have been brought together in a more cohesive way.

Scream Queens - "Chainsaw"Grace’s father on campus was always odd. The fact that he scammed his way into teaching a film class, her film class, was ridiculous. Right now his presence as a concerned father makes sense, but he currently feels shoehorned into the show.

The Red Devil of course needed to strike again This time he went for the new mascot. Shortly after Munsch changed the mascot from the devil to an ice cream cone named coney. After a creepy scene with a strange character in the coney suit a mildly comic fight ensued before he was chainsawed to death.

Chad actually seemed to figure something out. Chad is proving to be the funniest character on this show. He’s strange behavior and weird fetishes brought pretty much all of the humor to the show. I was impressed that he figured out Chad was murdered. Under normal circumstances that would make sense. After learning Boone isn’t actually dead, this revelation was actually funny because after Boone faked his death he decided he needed a pee break.

Scream Queens - "Chainsaw"

SCREAM QUEENS: Pictured L-R: Nasim Pedrad as Gigi, Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean Cathy Munsch and Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin in the “Chainsaw” episode of SCREAM QUEENS airing Tuesday, Sept. 29 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Skip Bolen/FOX.

This led to a brawl to the sounds of Backstreet’s Back as Chad and his boys dressed in white and bearing bats tried to call out the Red Devil with street rules. After growing tired beating on a car, not one, but two Red Devils with chainsaws appeared.

Hester is unheathily obsessed with Chanel. When she was caught snooping through Chanel’s closet that is bigger than some people’s homes, Hester convinces Chanel to make her over. This included more of her calling Chanel mommy. When all was said and done, she was deemed Chanel 6.

Munsch and Gigi moving into the house emporarily felt unnecessary It got weird and funnily fitting when Munsch opted to sleep with the slasher movie white noise in the background. Which meant she didn’t hear Gigi’s attack.

Overall, this episode just was not as entertaining as the previous episode. In fact it came off as rarely landing it’s jokes and hugely contrived.

What did you think of the episode?

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