Heroes Reborn – “Under the Mask” Review

We got progress with Noah Bennet’s storyline. Him having memory loss is growing thin because it would be nice to have him in the know. HRG was always at his best when he was ahead of the game not behind. Seeing him be spotted and not remember anything about the encounter is growing frustrating already. That said, learning that Hiro was somehow involved with everything is a great development. Molly was also involved and Noah conveniently intervened in her abduction.

Heroes Reborn - "Under the Mask"Tommy’s social life is improving. It’s nice to see him fitting in, not that we ever got to actually see him struggle with not fitting in that’s what we heard. More importantly, Tommy seems to be getting a better hold on his power and how to use it to his advantage. Considering that just two episodes he was complaining about not knowing how to use his powers, he seems to have a much stronger grasp on how to use it and control where things go.

The evo killer storyline is starting to feel stagnant already. For one it’s already clear that Joanne is the bloodthirsty one while Luke is questioning things. I’m glad he’s questioning things because their motivation is irrational. All she cares about is killing evos, literally nothing else. This episode we got glimpses of them with their son. At least we did for a moment. Then we started to see that Luke seems to be rethinking things because it seems that he may have heat related powers of his own. I’m not entirely show how they work, but he seems to radiate heat and burn up until the point he explodes.

Again, Miko’s story is bizarre. we were dropped right back into her right, only to be introduced to Harris who quickly took her down. we did learn that Harris is a multiplying man. When he’s cut apart he reforms. In this case his hand was cut off. First his body reformed a new hand, then his hand formed the rest of a body, clothes and all. I was impressed by that implausible bit. That said, it is an interesting power.

Carlos’s storyline is the one I am least invested in. His around LA looking for other his brother’s murderer. That means hunting down criminals who are in turn hunting evos. We saw another flier, before his priest had to save him with his smoke power. Carlos just wants revenge but at least he was willing to help the evos that were being hunted down. Let’s be honest, despite Carlos’s training, he’s rather pitiful in the fight. Sure, he was going against an Evo with strength powers, but he was still useless.

Heroes Reborn - "Under the Mask"What was most interesting was the reveal of Epic. This is a technology that allows for evos to be identified worldwide. Their every move automatically tracked. With that they can identify all evos and force them to register. It is a terrible technology that is incredibly dangerous. This is all by harvesting just Molly’s powers. it is dangerous and infringing and what is surely going to be the driving force of the rest of the season. That said, things make more sense now in terms of where the show is going. I just wish it was made clear a bit sooner.

What did you think of the episode?

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