Z Nation – “Batch 47” Review

The zweed we heard about last episode is back to it in this episode. The entire episode is about the place harvesting zweed. We met the people who run the place, who were avidly claiming that Batch 47 was the cure. It was rather interesting to see that the place was overrrun, but not before scientists proved that it kept others from being infected. He’s sending people in to try to get to this particular batch even though zombies have grown into the pants and it’s extremely dangerous.

Enter Murphy. He’s the best guy for the job. Not only is he interested in this batch because it can potentially get the others off his back. If there is a cure that doesn’t involve him he’s no longer needed and thus people could leave him alone. That said he also just wants some of that weed that’s in there. He’s the one who can best walk into the greenhouse full of zombies.

The rest of the group was not far behind. It wasn’t like it was that hard to figure where they were going. They all knew about the facility growing zweed and where it was located so t wasn’t a big leap. They are a righteous group. They are always willing to help people in need. That said they were willing to take the bait and accept what they were being sold in terms of batch 47. They aren’t thrilled about

The actual z’s this episode provided a unique threat. While they could still be controlled by Murphy, they had completely warped into the plants. There was really no difference, they were completely one with them, all interconnected through the vines. That made them more difficult to control. It was an interesting new threat. I’m really impressed with how this show is still managing to make things difficult for Murphy in particular just as he gained more power. I’ll admit I didn’t expect Murphy to try to save the lead plant zombie, but it was an interesting twist. it however forced the others to come in to save Murphy, not considering saving that z.

While Batch 47 actually made a zombie able to speak, when administered to a person it turned our friendly botanist into a zombie. The interesting bit was that no one ever actually saw him die. He just changed. One minute he was speaking, the next he was nothing.

Here’s the problem with Citizen Z’s storyline this season. He is so far removed from everyone else that cutting off radio from him isolates him further. Last season, I liked some of the things that happened to him. However, after what we have seen so far he just isn’t getting material, much less good material. There were certainly more arcs that could be done like we had last season, but right now Citizen Z feels like dead weight.

What did you think of the episode?

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