Fear The Walking Dead – “The Good Man” Season Finale Review

There will be spoilers.

Travis and Madison are bugging out, finally. It took all season but they are finally doing it now that danger is on their doorstep. Packing up and leaving they don’t have much time to get those at the quarantine zone before Cobalt goes into effect.

Fear the Walking Dead - "The Good Man" Season Finale.It was kind of a dick move that they left the safe zone and left the gate wide open. They essentially left an entire community for death. Yes they were sour for none of the neighbors helping when they took Nick. It’s one thing to turn a blind eye and let them deal with cobalt on their own with no warning. It’s another to actively leave the neighbors open to danger.

Then again moments after that we saw that Daniel was leading the herd from the stadium to the quarantine zone as the world’s worst distraction. It’s going to keep people looking the other direction as they get who they need. However if the tide shifts things will only go sour for them too. They don’t have the firepower to survive that situation. Meaning they need to find their people fast.

There was a little storyline with Alicia and Chris. A group of soldiers approached them to steal the car. Chris proceeded to get his ass kicked because he tried to foolishly stand up to three guys bigger than him with guns. Know your fights

Their entire bad plan came back to bite them in the ass. With walkers everywhere, they needed to not only contend with searching down their family members as they were closed in on. By the time they finally got everyone in the quarantine zone they were surrounded.

Fear the Walking Dead - "The Good Man" Season Finale.We knew that someone had to die, that didn’t quite happen but we did get a serious injury. I did not expect it to be Ofelia and by her boy toy. He was filled with such rage for being tortured that rather than using his new found mercy and freedom to escape he hunted Daniel down. It only proves how unhinged he was they he opted to try to kill Ofelia rather than Daniel. I can understand they thought would be killing him would be too easy. he wanted Daniel to feel pain and that meant going after Ofelia. What I did not expect from that was the rage that Travis flew into he beat that man to an inch of death. If the others hadn’t talked him down he wouldn’t have stopped. I don’t get that sudden switch. Why Ofelia triggered it, but he needed a mindset shift.

The death came from Liza. After her close encounter with the Walker in the kitchen she was infected. I did like that Madison was the one to comfort her. The tables were turned from the original deal. As I expected Liza dying is as much a struggle for Yravis as if it were Madison. Travis needed to be the one to do it.

What did you think of the episode?

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