The Strain – “Night Train” Season Finale Review

Eph and Nora said their goodbyes to everyone as they were taking the last train out of New York to get Zach to safety. I have to admit that I’m very glad that they are eliminating Zach as a problematic character on the show. He was a minor issue in the first season. However, the change of character and the inability to find something for Zach to do was troubling. He ended up being dead weight in the situation. That said, I’m also a little bit disappointed that they are just giving up on Zach. there are things that they could have done other than have him wine. Overall, I’m grateful that the show is acknowledging that they don’t know what to do with him and are dropping him rather than continue to fumble. Well technically they still are since they removed him the the equation, but had him go off with his vampire mother. Honestly, it was dumb on Zach’s part.

The Strain - "Night Train"Quinlan does not play games. When the crew that Gus brought Quinlan from the jail we saw a very interesting dynamic. We already knew that Quinlan was not one who danced around what needed to be done and allowed others to disrespect him. All he cares is that these men follow him. Heck, he’s good at it. We riled up this crew and got them to rally behind him with his speech. To be honest, it was not a bad speech in any way. It did lack something though. It just didn’t have that little extra oomph.

After all this searching for the Occido Lumen it came down to a bid. A silly auction in which Setrakian was going to lose it by 29 million dollars. Setrakian finally came out the winner with Palmer pulling the funding so Eichorst couldn’t win the bid. Eichorst didn’t take that loss lightly and immediately came after Vasiliy and Setrakian. The new crew took out the threat. It seems Quinlan gave them enough tips for them to be deadly. Quinlan did agree that the Occido Lumen was dangerous.

I’ve never liked Coco. I’ve never liked the relationship between Palmer and Coco. I’ve never liked Palmer as a villain. Now that they are teaming up and she knows what is going on, I find her outbursts obnoxious. Thus when the master appeared tired of their shit. Palmer realized just how far out of his depth he was when The Master killed Coco. Palmer needed that to realize that he is not a partner. He was getting too big for his britches. The question is if he’ll now realize that he probably sided wrongly if he values his life.

The Strain - "Night Train"I’m not going to talk much about Eph, but he’s in a position now where he has nothing left to lose. His son was taken from him. The woman he loved was infected protecting his son and is now dead. Eph truly has nothing left other than trying to get his son back. I will be interesting to see if he sinks back into the alcohol again or if he goes for something more.

What did you think of the episode?

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