Agents of SHIELD – “Purpose in the Machine” Review

Now the entire team knows that Simmons is out there somewhere. it’s been months and they know that she could be anywhere or dead. However Coulson’s team is a family and now that they have even a shred of hope it’s all teams go. Almost everyone was deployed to help with getting Simmons back, save for Daisy who was to stick around with her new inhuman. Not that Joey is going to out in the field for at least three months, freeing up Daisy and Mac to get with the others.

Agents of SHIELD - "Purpose in the Machine"They went to the Asgardian. He was just as much of a grumpy delight this time around. He was curious about the monolith. The clues led them to England where hebrew symbols were carved into the stone. This was a major treasure hunt that they were going on as they sought out the clues they would need to potentially get to Simmons.

What they found was more of the substance that the monolith was made out of. However, the closer we get to Simmons, the more confusing things get in terms of what is going on. When the machine broke they realized it would be possible for Daisy to open it up for them. Of course Fitz went through and managed to find Simmons. For a minute there, Fitz almost lost her, but they got her back. In the process, Daisy was over-strained and barely did it.

Simmons may be back, but that doesn’t mean that she’s okay. Let’s be real she was alone on a foreign planet for months. She sleeps with a Shiv. Dr. Garner is going to have a field. Simmons is

Agents of SHIELD - "Purpose in the Machine"I really enjoy Blair Underwood’s addition as Dr. Andrew Garner as a recurring role. He is a welcome addition as he’s the only real pyschologist on the team. That is one element that would be useful to the group that isn’t always present. Also he has his relationship with May that is always interesting. Though I have to worry about Andrew because Strucker seems to be coming after him. Speaking of, May actually made an appearance. She’s relaxing and enjoying being a civilian, but that doesn’t mean she’s lost an ounce of her edge. The introduction of her father was also plucky. You could definitely see how May ended up how she did between her mother and her father.

Ward is out being evil again. He’s good at that. Honestly, he’s at his best at that. For a moment while he was driving the car I thought we’d been transported into the villain jaguar commercial. He’s tangoing with a young Von Strucker.

Good Moments

– “To the Plane!”
-May’s dad is awesome
-Simmons is back. I can only imagine the stories to tell.
-May is going to help Hunter track down Ward.

What did you think of the episode?

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