Limitless – “The Legend of Marcos Ramos” Review

Let’s be honest, I was a little bit tripped out at the start of the episode when we found out that Brian’s ex was Shauna, played by Analeigh Tipton. In case you didn’t know, last season Analeigh Tipton and Jake McDormand starred across each other in Manhattan Love Story (a show with a rocky start, but was by the end quite enjoyable). So when we saw them together again the same chemistry worked in their favor. That relationship worked rather well for them.

Limitless - "The Legend of Marcos Ramos"It was nice seeing yet another facet of Brian’s life. We’ve spent quite a long time with his family, but there are other things that make Brian who he is. This episode we got to see Brian with Shauna. With her, just like with everyone else he’s out there helping people When he finally does win her over a bit, things looked up. Until Brian got a crashing reminder that his life was not his own anymore. We also saw Brian with one of his guards, “Mike”. Their relationship is one that I think can grow to be really interesting. Mike is ultimately taking this job as a stepping stone for a better position. I’m hoping that we see more of Mike in the future as he could be a good ally and advocate for Brian should things go well.

I’m glad that Brian and Rebecca had some time together. Despite them being partners they haven’t really established a bit of report despite the trust. In order fr their dynamic to work and Harris not feel replaceable we need to get to know and care about her as well. The show revolves around their relationship and if I don’t care about her then the show as a whole isn’t going to work. Thankfully, the show lies on Brian’s shoulders. There are efforts being made in regard to her character, however she isn’t quite someone that I care for yet.

Brian’s imagination on NZT is a lot of fun. The way he imagined Rebecca’s takedown of the target. It had that same stylistic flare. It also added a bit of humor for a situation that Brian wasn’t present. It also offers a potential story twist. In this case it shows that Brian is an unreliable narrator at times. Also the color scheme shifts were extremely effective this episode.

What did you think of the episode?

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