Scream Queens – “Haunted House” Review

Chanel-O-Ween is upon us and my goodness it is absolutely as insane as the rest of the show. While Chanel belittles her followers, she does go out of her way to send her “fans” creepy Halloween gifts. For one of her followers she even hand delivered it. The scene was absolutely ridiculous. I’m not sure that I found the majority of it hilarious or even funny.

Scream Queens - "Haunted House"Zayday was swayed to try to change Kappa house by running against Chanel. It is an interesting twist that I would have sooner expected from Grace. The other pledges seem to like Zayday, but the loyalties shift so frequently, I couldn’t tell you.

There’s a weird dynamic between Zayday and Denise. Zayday just wants to be president, but Denise has it out for her. After finding the chainsaw last week, Denise suspects her. Nothing Zayday is doing is making her think otherwise.

Chad’s obsession with death is progressively creepy. He admitted he visits the graveyard to find a grave he can jerk off too. Enter Hester, who seems like a proper match. That said, Hester’s personality seemed to change quite a bit. She is proving to be an interesting new element with Chad though. Their entire scene in the graveyard was straight bizarro. Their attempted tryst in the haunted house ended up being a storage center for all the dead bodies that had been killed so far. Granted their attempt to get people to not go drove everyone there.

Scream Queens - "Haunted House"The problem with the show isn’t the mystery. it also isn’t the humor that is so hit or miss. It’s that I don’t care about any of the characters. So while the pacing of mystery is entertaining, I’m struggling to understand why I should get invested in anyone. They are not people, but caricatures. Mostly well executed caricatures, but that’s it.

What did you think of the episode?

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