The Flash – “The Man Who Saved Central City” Season Premiere Review

Let’s start by saying how absolutely depressing that opening sequence was. I mean it was seriously depressing. We got a glimpse inside Barry’s head as we saw what he wished. It was uplifting to see all of the team back together. There was both parts of Firestorm, they were successfully taking down bad guys, people were happy. That however was so far from the case as we learned that six months after the singularity hit Barry is doing The Flash thing alone.

The Flash - "The Man Who Saved Central City"We had to get everything sorted out and see where everyone is. Barry is off alone and detached. Cisco is working at the police station with Joe on the Meta-human task force that he’s heading. Iris is still working as a reporter. Caitlin is over at Mercury Labs. Everyone is separated, but it’s clear that only Barry wants it that way.

We finally got a look at what happened with the singularity. I’m glad that it wasn’t just bushed over. Barry did the work of making doing some science-y stuff to help close the singularity. However, that wasn’t enough, Firestorm needed to go into it. The fissure was to be enough to stop the singularity. It did, but at the cost of Ronnie, leaving only Stein behind.

While this may have been a return of the show, it still had it’s case of the week. I’m glad it did because while the emotional drama is a major draw of the show, the challenges and how they overcome them. This week brought in Atom Smasher portrayed by Adam Copeland (aka the Edge). He is able to change his size and is incredibly powerful in exchange. Unfortunately, like many villains, especially villains that show up on arc-heavy episodes, Atom Smasher wasn’t fleshed out enough. That said, it is an interesting twist because Atom Smasher is traditionally a hero and from the way he was talking it seems that he is not the Rothstein from this dimension.

The Flash - "The Man Who Saved Central City"Caitlin’s emotional journey is going to be interesting. While everyone else is ready to get the team back together, Caitlin isn’t ready for that. Yes, she still seems to care about everyone and will help when budged, but she’s got a long way to go. She just lost the man she loved for the second time. This time seemingly for good. It’s tough and I can understand why she’d be hesitant to surround herself with the memories of that. Not only that but, should she be able to cope with the memories that line of work means that it’s a possibility for her to lose others she cares about. It’s a double whammy and it makes sense that she wants distance.

It seems that Barry has a hard time dealing with situations. In this case he feels guilty for the deaths of both Eddie and Ronnie. He feels responsible and he is being reckless. He needs help, but he’s morose and sad and it’s hurting him. There was a nice flashback to six months after his mother’s death when Barry was also then having a hard time letting people in. Joe talked sense into him back then and also now. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was also the first moment when Barry didn’t just feel like a kid Joe was taking care of, but as a son.

It was a real gut punch that after everything Barry has gone through with his dad to see what happened. Harrison’s confession got Barry’s dad out of prison successfully. I didn’t expect that he would be a major force on the show. I really didn’t expect that after everything and being released he would just leave.

Good moments

The Flash - "The Man Who Saved Central City"-Stein coming up with the name Atom Smasher. His hesitant explanation searching for approval, only for Cisco to embrace him for it.
-Speaking of that, I’m glad that we have Stein on the team, even if it’s only until midseason.
-Harrison Wells’s confession was unexpected, but just the thing Barry needed to snap out of his funk.
-Cisco claiming that he got the idea of the flash floodlight from a comic. Got to love a Batman reference.
-The first appearance of Jay Garrick.

What did you think of the episode?

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