American Horror Story: Hotel – “Checking In” Season Premiere Review

Welcome to a Hotel Cortez.

When a couple of foreigners are traveling they arrive at the empty looking hotel. They want their money back the the manager isn’t having that. Their stay was bizarre and unsettling from the moment they arrived. Halls that doubled back on themselves. That sense that someone is creeping behind you only for nothing to be there. All culminating with a rotting smell in their bed that turned out to be a diseased live man who crawled out. Rather than leaving the hotel, they changed rooms. At least they were freaked out. Then came room 64. It was better, but just as eerie as the bathroom held two kids feed on a woman. We learned more about the kids as the episode went on and they tied back to The Countess.The kids are practically like little minions for her.

American Horror Story: Hotel - "Checking In"What made zero sense was that a man who was alive and in such a terrible position was not immediately taken care of. Instead the detective came in before I even saw paramedics. It was kind of ludicrous but was there to serve the plot. John is the detective looking in to the murder which will drive him to Hotel Cortez. John is being drawn in to this hotel to deal with a serial killer who is going hardcore with his murder scenes.

The horrors were not in short supply we hardly went a few minutes without something eerie or graphic occurring. They just kept coming. Whether it was tortureporn or psychological horror. Every room has something new, but the focus was on room 64.

Lady Gaga plays The Countess who is as much glam as she is dangerous. She lures people in and kills them reveling in their blood. More importantly she seems to run the place. Her performance could have been a total disaster, but she played it with a certain air. While the actions of The Countess were over the top, she was played with a calm that made her perfectly eerie. Gaga really owns the Countess and her actions are slightly mysterious. That said I am enjoying her as the queen bitch of this Hotel.

American Horror Story: Hotel - "Checking In"More than anything this season is really going in on the cinematography. It was absolutely gorgeous. The Hotel was both beautiful and eerie. It was a maze. Within minutes you understood that the east hectic was as much a character as the actual characters.

The one thing is I’m not sure how the plot this season will progress. Admittedly, American Horror Story tends to be weak on the plot at times, but the plot is always very clear. Right now it seems that John’s case work will keep him near the hotel. What was an odd development was that the little boy who feed on blood early in the episode was John’s dead son Holden. Although the plot may also follow the new owner and his relationship with the Countess. Where ever it does go I’m down for the ride because so far I’m intrigued.

What did prove to be interesting was a reveal near the end of the episode. It looks like we will be dealing with a combination of current horrors, ghosts, and vampires at the very least.

What did you think of the episode?

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