Arrow – “Green Arrow” Season Premiere Review

Felicity and Oliver are in complete domestic bliss. Felicity can’t cook. They have afternoon delight. Oliver goes on pleasant jogs. They are happy. Oliver even got rid of a tattoo. All the while Felicity is doing her best to run Palmer Technologies. It’s almost odd seeing them in this pleasant element where their worst worry is overly friendly peppy neighbors offer to get them on a school list despite not having kids.

Arrow - "Green Arrow"While all of this is going on Thea, Diggle, and Laurel are out serving the city. They are proud and relatively successful each taking up interesting roles. Thea as Speedy is practically giddy in mission. It’s almost odd seeing Laurel being the one with experience. While Diggle is clearly stepping up as the heart of the team, though not without Laurels help. One thing is clear they are doing it without Ollie, at least until Thea and Laurel come to him for help.

They are fighting a at for the city. criminal have been increasing attacks on the city. The ghosts were attacking the city with extreme force. That culminated in this episode as the ghosts moved bigger than banks and armories and attacked the leadership of the city.

Arrow - "Green Arrow"Oliver and Diggle have a lot to get over. They have a rift in their relationship which is interesting to story telling purposes. Oliver and Diggle have some deep-seeded trust issues that wil need time. I’m glad they gave time to address those issues. The fact that Lyla has managed to forgive Oliver for his actions because they were at war is a nice acknowledgement. They have a lot to work through. I’m glad that even though they are working together things are just patched up.

The interpersonal issues that waited for Oliver weren’t limited to just Diggle. He also faced collisions with others. Quentin blames Oliver for starting the whole mess. Thea can’t stand Oliver’s brotherly advice that she sees more as meddling. He even clashes a bit with Felicity after learning she’d been helping the team all along. All of these issues forced Oliver to reexamine why he stepped away from it all and came to the conclusion that he made the right decision.

Damien Darhk is proving to be a formidable obstacle for the team to hurdle. Not only is he leading these ghosts, but he does it with fear. He can kill with the touch of his hand which totally jars the team. Oliver has seen it and knows that this isn’t a meta human thing, but mystical. That was made abundantly clear when Darhk made quick work of Oliver. His abilities are fierce and I’m sure we’ve only scratched the surface. If Diggle hadn’t arrived, Oliver would have been dead.

Arrow - "Green Arrow"I’m really intrigued that Oliver came out officially as the a Green Arrow.

I’m not going to talk about the flashbacks much. Oliver encountered Waller again. She forced him into a mission again.

I was thrown by Quentin’s involvement with the Hive. I was disappointed he would do such a thing. I’m calling it now that this ends up killing Quentin.

Finally we know someone will die. Due to Oliver’s reaction it must be someone close to him. The question is who?

What did you think of the episode?

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