Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 Review

Fear the Walking Dead veered from the comic territory that the main show deals with and headed over to Los Angeles to see the beginning of the outbreak from a family perspective. It was a fresh start that most importantly wasn’t shackled down the events of the comics. The result was a show that by the end held potential, but didn’t quite deliver on what I hoped. That said, it definitely suffered from some problems both small and large.

Fear The Walking Dead - "So Close, Yet So Far"Let’s start with the biggest disappointment from the show. The show was promoted as a show that would be about the initial fall. In many ways that was the case. However, it also veered away from that. The show started with things going wrong. Isolated cases that escalated rather quickly. We saw the streets go from populated and completely ordinary in the first episode, to chaos on the streets in the third episode, to near desolation in the final episode. That itself was an interesting arc to see. That progression was better played out in the earlier episodes than the latter.

In large part one of the major issues with the latter half of the season was the military presence. That leaves me conflicted because it was a storyline that was rife with possibilities. There were a number of things that could have been done. heck, even the things they opted to do were paths that could have worked. I have to admit that they felt rushed. The military presence felt forced in. We didn’t get to know any of them. Instead they were used as plot devices rather than a full presence.

Then there are the characters who I have extremely mixed feelings about. On one hand, the characters were well developed for the most part. You could understand their motivations. The problem is two fold. First the characters made dumb decisions. Yes, I expect characters to make bad decisions on occassion because they help plot progression. The result was that you could understand why characters might take certain actions, but they still felt foolish. The other problem is that at the end of the day I never came to like the characters. In a show like this where survival is so important, it’s equally important to care about the characters. Not caring about them means not being quite as invested in the show.

Fear The Walking Dead - "Not Fade Away"The plot of the season for the most part made sense. There were never any glaring plot holes. Thus the season moved at a completely understandable pace. The only jump that could have been dealt with better was the time jump between episodes 3 and 4 when we progressed 9 days. it was to avoid much of the hum drum and the boring aspects of the jump. We don’t want to watch nothing happen. However, at the same time it’s hard to ignore that in that time we ended up missing a large portion of the fall as the family was safe in the safe zone.

At the end of the day, I was not overly fond of this show, but it wasn’t terrible either. Not being able to connect to the characters made the show feel like a chore. Maybe this is a symptom of wanting more and not getting it, but I kept trying to find reasons to be invested in the show they just weren’t there. That said, the promise of what’s going to happen next will get me to watch he beginning of at least the next season.

What did you think of the season?

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