Heroes Reborn – “The Needs of the Many” Review

My heart hurt a little after the witch killed a man prideful and the man’s dog went to lay down beside his owner’s body. It was one of those tiny moments that made the kill feel worse. I already hate Joanne because she’s such a shallow character that is so emptily evil. I didn’t need more reasons to dislike her. Joanne is truly a wretch who can’t see epics as anything more than monsters. Even Renautus at least acknowledges that epics are assets. Joanne just sees people who were tangential to her sons death and wants them ended. I was honestly surprised that she hesitated and didn’t kill him but walked away. She said she loved him, but it would have been nice if I actually believed it. As of right now it just felt like an out of character reaction especially since there isn’t much to her character.

Heroes Reborn - "The Needs of the Many"Tommy’s crash left him slightly banged up and his mother in serious condition. He was able to get her out of there with his power and to a hospital. The problem was that she needed a transfusion and the hospital was low on her blood type. That meant he could leave his mother without help or he could have his blood tested to see if it was a match. His friends didn’t agree with it because it would mean he’d be leaving himself open to being discovered, but he wasn’t willing to lose his mom. Of course it wasn’t a match. Instead he needed to flex his ability to get blood for his mother as fast as possible.

The gamer plotline still feels extremely separate. It also is the story line that currently makes the least sense. Well Katana Girl and Ren are making their way to the US to get to Renautus to get her sword back. Heck, the extent of this episode was that they took a plane and used social media.

Heroes Reborn - "The Needs of the Many"Still don’t care about Carlos. He’s modding a mech suit. He’s going to fight back. Yet, I don’t care much about it at all. The most interesting thing in the storyline is that the kid found the underground room with all the gear and felt like he could open up. Only as soon as that happened it both he and the priest were captures.

Noah Bennet managed to get Taylor to work against her mother to help Molly. The goal was to get Molly and get her out of Renautus control so she could no longer power Epic. The result was a bit more devastating. Bennet reached Molly, but rather than flee or be used any more, she killed herself. This did effectively kill the global use of Epic. That is a big plus because that would have made it far too difficult for the epics to combat since they are the farthest thing from a centralized force.

Malina is flexing her powers in the Arctic It’s nice to finally see who her companion is.

What did you think of the episode?

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