Sleepy Hollow – “Whispers in the Dark” Review

After some really great Abbie and Crane moments last week, things started good then crashed into awkward. One of the things I always loved about this show was that their relationship felt brilliant. It was never forced. Most importantly it never veered into the romantic. We simply got to embrace what we got. That seemed to shift just a little this episode. It was a subtle shift, but you got the sense that Crane was being more than just protective of his friend. He kind of hovered and it felt just off from their usual relationship.

Sleepy Hollow - "Whispers in the Dark"That said, the end of the episode really delivered on the emotional impact. The fact that Abbie looked for her father, found him, and his silently stalking him is interesting. Her sharing that and stating to open up with Crane again is a good sign. seeing them live together is another fun bit.

The case of the week was creepy, but not particularly memorable. In this case there was a wraith that was coming after people. It appeared in wisps and manifested as a creepy pale man. The wraith unsurprsigingly was weak to his own name. The pair stopped the wraith by Crane remembering something from his past. it all felt very run of the mill and not special even if the wraith looked cool.

This week we finally learned a bit more about Betsy Ross. We’ve know that Crane has had a relationship with Betsy Ross. We also learned that she was a spy. I have to say that I wasn’t particularly thrilled by the performance. She felt like a really poor spy. I just didn’t completely by it. I’m not sure why she didn’t work for me, but I just didn’t like it. I could do without repeated visits to Betsy. The role just was not working. This is a problem both with the writing of the scene and the poor acting.

Sleepy Hollow - "Whispers in the Dark"On a more positive note, Joe Corbin was back. I didn’t fall in love with Joe back when he was introduced last season. He didn’t have a whole lot of personality, but plenty of anger. That said, I didn’t hate the guy so I’m not upset about his return. That said it again feels like the secondary team. Jenny and Joe are the ones dealing with a subplot. I wasn’t that invested in it and the pair don’t have a report like Abbie and Crane. That said they do have Corbin as a common ground so things move. Also Jenny got a chance to be a badass again.

What did you think of the episode?

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