Doctor Who – “Before the Flood” Review

The Doctor and his little team of people who made with him on his side went to the lake before the flood. There they met the Tivuli. Our Tivoli, was particularly delightful in his absolute love for being conquered. Sure the Tivoli as a race like to be conquered, but the sheer delight he expressed was quite fun.

IDoctor Who - "Before the Flood"n the present with Clara and the other half of the crew were trying to piece things together as they waited. There we got a few emotional scenes. In particular Clara confronting the fact that she gets left behind by the Doctor a lot. So much so that it is not actually anything special that she’s been left this time as well. There was also a great moment when Clara had to force the Doctor into forcing himself to survive.

Clara was still being clever. Well, I’ll give you that the Doctor told her to do one thing, don’t let the phone out of her reach and she did just that. However, she did piece together that the message hadn’t been imprinted on everyone and those who hadn’t had that imprinted were safe from the ghosts. That meant, Lunn had to go out there and fetch the phone. Cass was none too pleased claiming that the Doctor must have changed her since she is putting lives at risk. It is an understandable anger from someone who was potentially losing someone on an errand. However, I wouldn’t have been so cold. It needed to be done since their contact with the Doctor was cut off without it. They were sitting ducks in the room.

The dead doctor was reciting a list. A list which happened to be the order in which they died. Again the Doctor’s morality was brought into question as he basically allowed O’Donnell to die to prove his order theory. He was entirely correct and Bennett called him on it. What was most interesting was that The Doctor never denied it. He also didn’t deny that he was now going to save who was next on the list. he did make it clear that Bennett’s assumption that he was only doing it because it was getting closer to his name was wrong, he was doing it for Clara.

Doctor Who - "Before the Flood"It was an interesting little twist when we figured out how things worked. The Doctor had never died, he was using a hologram. That lead to a whole bunch of loopy bits. In who did what first and how it was engineered. It’s a bit complicated, but as always the Doctor figured it all out. Now I’m left with the question who composed Beethoven’s fifth.

I really enjoyed that when the doctor was playing guitar it fed into the theme and was weaved throughout. It was a nice little touch to the episode. I love those tiny change to opening credits.

What did you think of the episode?

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