Minority Report – “Fredi” Review

Even though Minority Report has all, but been canceled with it’s episode count reduced from the original 13 to 10, I will continue to review the show for as long as the episodes are airing.

Dash is officially part of the Police. On a similar note, Akeelah is officially part of the team helping Dash. It adds an interesting new dynamic. having two techies on the team seems a bit much and rather unnecessary. That said, they each have their own functions to make things move more smoothly. However, from a storytelling standpoint there is no real reason they both need to be on the team.

The case of the week wasn’t as compelling as some of the others. That is part of the problem with procedurals. In this case, there is decent, but not outstanding chemistry between Dash and Vega. Since we aren’t relying on the buzzy nature and chemistry, the week to week element needs to be strong. Unfortunately this weeks case didn’t work all that wonderfully.  There was a lack of urgency in the episode. Though there was obviously an impending death, the episode seemed far removed from it.

Minority Report - "Fredi"The one thing that didn’t make sense was why Dash fell so deeply for this woman. From the moment she stepped on screen there was something off about her. Then all the talk about only working for her boss so she could get proof about his guilt in her sister’s murder. She was practically telegraphing that she was up to no good. Granted she was the one who was supposedly to be murdered. By the time Freddie actually confronted her boss, I didn’t care about either of them. That shouldn’t happen. I should care about these characters somewhat. Sure, they are one off characters, but with all the time we spent with Fredi I should have felt more. I didn’t though. I wasn’t too happy about Dash so quickly becoming a lovesick puppy. It didn’t work because it felt too rushed and he was too blinded. He’s so guarded around everyone else

As far as the cool tech in this episode there wasnt anything that truly stood out. That said it was a cool moment when Dash used the special lenses for the first time. The camera drone also made a reappearance that was nice. it seems the more social a situation the more likely there will be some cool tech to be found.

One thing is clear about Dash’s family, Agatha is a stone cold bitch. She uses people and sets them up to justify her own means. Considering we haven’t actually seen this vision his siblings keep talking about and all the terrible things we’ve seen her do, I’m not sure that we can trust her.

What did you think of the episode?

3 thoughts on “Minority Report – “Fredi” Review

  1. I had no idea that the show’s run had been curtailed. I wonder if network TV just can’t deal with science fiction that is set too close to real world.
    I have enjoyed moments of the show….but I have had my moments when I wasn’t sure it would survive. I haven’t seen tonight’s episode (I had some conflicts) but I did PVR it and will take a look at it tomorrow.
    Thanks for your review.

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