Agents of SHIELD – “A Wanted (Inhu)man” Review

Simmons is back and didn’t need to go through quarantine. I was surprised by that because they wouldn’t have done that for a metahuman and who knows what happened on that planet. That said she’s back in the game rather quickly. Last season we had Fitz and his trauma, which he’s still dealing with, but is rather comfortable again. Simmons however is going through her new trauma. She’s acclimating and it’s difficult. She’s showing signs of heightened sensory acuteness. That said, she’s handling it better than Fitz had handled his trauma. What was most interesting is that she wanted to go back.

Agents of SHIELD - "A Wanted (Inhu)man"Lincoln is on the move. He’s being hunted by the ATCU who have him marked as wanted. That means not only is a specified task force looking for him, but also every police officer out there. He’s in a bad situation and is denying any and all help from Daisy and SHIELD. This gave Lincoln a bit of an emotional journey. Even the people that he thought he could trust it turned out that he couldn’t. Then pretty much everything that could go wrong did go wrong. He need assistance and finally caved on getting Daisy’s help.

I’m rather enjoying this bonding time that’s happening between May and Hunter. She’s being dragged around to Hunter’s affiliates. Not only that, but they are buddying around with so many guns it’s hard to believe. They are setting themselves to go after Ward. Right now they may be biding time and stocking up, but it’s a time for information. The fact that they went to an underground fight was great. it was like a real life fight club. However things got a bit nasty when Hunter’s supposed mate decided to fight him. It was fun seeing Hunter’s near pitiful brawl juxtaposed with May beating the crap out of three men twice her size. Hunter did finally turn things around but even he didn’t expect him to be dead. He did end up bloodied.

Coulson and Rosalind will be at odds at least this entire half season. They are two completely opposing forces and they can’t see eye to eye. The real problem is that they do understand each other. They both know that there are easy ways for things to play out. They are not always Rosalind’s way. Watching the two of them deal is amusing. I wish that Rosalind wasn’t leading the ATCU, but it does additional tension because you never know what they are going to do.

Agents of SHIELD - "A Wanted (Inhu)man"

Let’s make this happen.

I was a bit miffed that Coulson sold Lincoln out for Daisy. I was more miffed that Coulson made a deal with Rosalind. However, from that we got a really great Mack and Daisy moment. Mack is so wary of inhumans, but for him Daisy is Daisy. I really love their bond and look forward to seeing more of it. The obvious romantic pair should they go for it would be Daisy and Lincoln, however I think Daisy and Mack would be far more compelling as they’d have more natural struggles. Also they test each other and I love their dynamic as long as it continues.

Cool Moments
-Hunter getting completely pissed and slurring his words.
-Simmons senses are being displayed rather interesting.
-Quips between Rosalind and Coulson about his missing arm. “I have to admit you disarmed me. It makes me wonder what else you have up your sleeve.”

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