Limitless – “Page 44” Review

This we got a serious mouse case. So aside from the major case we dealt with Brian making friends. Aside from learning how the NZT allows him to calculate the most effective hook up, we got to see him make a more lasting revelation. Arthur is an old man. An intelligent old man who happens to be a geneticist. With a bit of Brian’s help, Arthur was able to make a break through on his mouse. He may have found a way to extend one’s life span. It is kind of a big deal, however, the mouse was stolen.

Limitless - "Page 44"At this point I realized how well they blended the personal story for Brian with the case of the week. That made this episode feel a little bit more cohesive. With this case I also found it pretty interesting that Rebecca actually encouraged Brian to ditch Mike and Ike. Week after week they seem to be incapable of keeping him in line. As for Rebecca, she was encouraging bad behavior all episode. For example like if he’s going to break into a building not to get caught.

Brian is being used by the associates of Eddie Morra. His new associate played by Colin Salmon is not playing nice. When he expects Brian to commit treason to get information, he won’t accept a ploy. When Brian pulled his first stunt, his dad ended up in the hospital. The threat that these people pose to him and his family is serious. Not only is Brian’s life on the line since he needs the special shots to keep the drug from degrading him, he also needs to keep his family safe. That means Brian needs to betray his employers.

We did get some development from Rebecca. We learned her father left some paintings behind. Rebecca wanted nothing to do with it. That said, her progress was minimal. They were small steps that we got this week, but ultimately they worked. I just wish that we got to see more of what was going on in her head. Right now she does things to fit the plot. She’s a good agent, but I don’t get much in the sense of motivation or personality. I did like though how her father’s NZT enhanced painting was on display just as we saw Brian looking through the files that detailed that the FBI knew her dad was on NZT and possibly selling.

What did you think of the episode?

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