The Flash – “Flash of Two Worlds” Review

Hello Jay Garrick.

He is The Flash from the other Earth (Earth-2). Jay was sucked in through the singularity just as Professor Zoom was going to kill him. As he entered our world he lost all his powers. This big reveal was beautifully done on screen. More importantly almost instantly I liked Jay Garrick. Caitlin seemed to as well as they bonded over being scientists among other things. Barry on the other hand was highly skeptical. After Wells’s betrayal trust is understandably hard to come by. I’m glad

The Flash - "Flash of Two Worlds"With Jay Garrick comes the importance of the multiverse. It was nice seeing real terms being brought into the mix. The many worlds theory is one that fits absolutely perfectly with the series. It ultimately means that for as many different variations of the world there are tat man different worlds. In the big sense this theory is used on major events, but it trickles down to the most mundane differences. That said, The Flash is going more bigger picture. They are interacting with a near world that has many similarities to our own, but also many differences.

It seems we will be spending some time with the breach between Earth-1 and Earth-2. It was made clear that it would pose a problem, but also that it was difficult to find at all. With that logic we will be seeing more of these people I’ll be interested to see if at some point people team up with their counterpart. There are 52 breaches around the city.

The villain of the week was Sand Demon. Of course, Cisco was a bit miffed, but ultimately pleased with the name Jay Garrick provided. Sand Demon didn’t actually use sand, but it was an analog. Regardless, it was interesting see his power. He ended up being a little bit better of a villain, but still bottom of the bunch. He did feel like a legitimate threat, but he lacked motivation. That said the way that Barry finally took him down finally using lighting like is on his suit was pretty cool.

The Flash - "Flash of Two Worlds"Cisco is still getting his glimpses of both alternate timelines and dimensions. He’s very much coming in to his power even though he seems to have no idea how to control it or even exactly what it means. I did like that Cisco did manage to force himself to see where patty and Sand Demon were. He’s making some real strides forward, but he’s also hiding what he is. Stein does seem to recognize that something is up with him and calls him on it. Cisco isn’t willing to push forward with it for now. It’ll be interesting to see how his journey goes. I also liked that while confessing to Stein he used Vibe, which is his hero name.

We also saw the introduction of Patty Spivot, a young cop who desperately wants to be on Joe’s task force. She’s extremely eager and determined. It’s refreshing to see someone so happy and competent. Add in the fact that Patty has quick and easy vibes with Barry. After all of Barry’s gloom and doom behavior it was nice to see him warm to someone. She was a bit of a goofball and their chemistry is there. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were on a path to dating. Patty was already a fan of Barry’s because his forensic reports.

Cool Moments
-When Barry actually used his lighting.
-Harrison Wells appearing at the end. For a moment it almost seemed like Booster Gold may appear.
-Stein going down hurt my heart. I’ve come to love him as a character very quickly.

What did you think of the episode?

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