5 Items for Horror Survival – Man Crates

Horror is meant to rattle you to your core. It’s meant to get under your sken until it crawls. It’s meant to elicit or primal instincts: fight or flight. Over the centuries we’ve fostered a sense of horror. A fear of monsters and dangerous peopl that could easily be mistaken as monsters.

Some scenarios of these scenarios like the zombie apocalypse, a world plagued by vampires, or a forest full of werewolves on the night of a full moon. These scenarios are tried and true. They have been popping up in our media for years.

One of my personal favorites is The Walking Dead actually all things Zombie Apocalypse. I love the connotation that these zombies imply about our pysche and relationship with the dead.

In the wake of a zombie apocalypse there would be a number things I would need to survive. heck, in the wake of any horror situation, I would need to stock up. I’d need to assure that I was safe and could survive. It’s something I’ve had casual conversations with people many times over the years. So when Man Crates contacted me about their horror survival crate, I had to wonder, what would I want in my box to survive. They’re a new company that specializes in gifts for men, which arrive in a wooden crate with a crowbar for opening. Aside from the fact that the crowbar required to open a man crate would be an awesome weapon in one of these horror scenarios, I got to thinking.

My top 5 survival items


NV-Goggles-IntevacNight vision goggles are a must. Now they may seem extraneous. However in a horror situation you’re likely in a place that no longer has any power or are stuck in the woods of some sort. Having night vision goggles would give me the opportunity to see clearly and not be hindered by the night while my opponents are free to attack.


SIG_Pro_by_Augustas_DidzgalvisWhile I would love to use something like a crossbow and bolts due to their reusability, but in all honesty they require training. To be able to shoot a bolt at distance takes practice. On the other hand a gun may not have reusable ammunition, but they are easier to wield. Also I wouldn’t have to worry about retrieveing my ammunition when in a tight spot. An assault rifle would be useful, but a regular pistol would be better for a tight spot.

Close Encounters

Apocalypse-Kit_fulljpgWhen it comes to close encounters a knife set with blades of varying size would be crucial. Some of the knifes would be useful for carving up prey to eat. While other knives that are larger would be great to use as weapons. Thus a nice little knife pack that could be neatly rolled and stored in a small pack would be effective. The Gerber made survival kit is actually brilliant as it includes tools that would be useful for basic survival that double as weapons. They tools range in all sizes, but all would be effective when something nasty gets up close and personal.

Water & Supplies

camelbak_18xOnce you survive the initial threat which I like the refer to as the wake up call, it’s vital to have supplies. You can only be on the run for so long without food and water. In particular water. Which is why a large camelpak and a collapsible pot would be clutch. The camelpak would be necessary to store the water. While the pot would allow you to gather water of all sorts of purity levels to boil and cleanse. This would keep me hydrated and surviving. While canned goods have a great shelf life protein bars would be lighter and last quite a long time as well. Since I wouldn’t want to be too weighed down, bars it is.


silverdaggerWhen it comes to all things supernatural silver tends to be a great tool. Silver is particularly effective against creatures like werewolves. Sure, having a blade means getting up close and personal, but it is also a more assured chance of making the kill and keeping a werewolf from making me one of its kind. I’ll admit though if I didn’t have a silver blade, I’d want an iron one for the other pesky

Man Crates are awesome gifts for men. Hell, they are awesome gifts for people who like awesome. There are all sorts of crates and every last one of them is a special dose of cool with the items inside. There are a bunch of themes that your giftee is sure to love. Now I just need to sit there and hope that maybe I can get my hands on that Retro Gamer Kit. The Zombie themed crates are all amazing as well. And plenty useful should the world decide to turn over night. You can bet I will be getting these for some of my favorite men in my life (and maybe myself, but that’s a secret between you and me).

What 5 items would you want to survive a horror situation?

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