American Horror Story: Hotel – ” Chutes and Ladders” Review

This is not a hotel that you want to visit. The regulars who live there are all bizarre. The guests who come in are more likely to end up dead than leave pleasantly. What was interesting was that the entire opening sequence as the vampire children fed on the travelers, who then had their blood pulled, all for a decanter of blood for the countess to drink.

American Horror Story: Hotel - "Chutes and Ladders"The countess is such an interesting character. She moves with this out of time elegance, but also fosters a healthy sense of danger. With her we also learned more about what she is. She is definitely a vampire, but it has it’s own set of rules. They don’t have fangs, they cut and drink. The sun exhausts them, this making them tired. They can’t drink blood of the dead and drinking from the sick is a bad idea. It is a virus that makes them immortal, but they can be killed like any person. I really appreciate that they are keeping them traditional while also changing things up. Plus we got a bad ass/ hilarious flashback to the late 70s. The Countess makes the rules and who surrounds her.

The fashion show had a lot going on. On one hadn’t John was being lured in by the new owner’s assistant. His daughter was running off with the owners son, exploring the hotel. In particular they went to see the vampire kids in their glass coffins. Nothing was supposed to wake them, so of course Holden would open his big blue eyes to look at his sister the moment Laughlin knocked on the glass. Meanwhile Tristan the model was trouble waiting to happen. He was a giant mess. Doing drugs, slashing his face to quit, and breaking into the Countess’s apartment for drugs.

John knows that Holden is somewhere in the hotel. Other than the case that is keeping him there, he’s no doubt drawn by the tease that his son is somewhere in the place. When he’s not at the hotel he’s still working the case and from the looks of it, he’s not getting any closer. That doesn’t mean that the the killer that’s out there isn’t completely taunting John. In fact, other than the little deliver there was no indication that John and his team made any progress.

Hypodermic Sally is a bizarre twist woman. Not only did she sew in her last victim into a bed, still alive, she also went around talking to John late at night. Yet, it almost felt natural to finally see Sally lashing out when she was kept out of the fashion show.

American Horror Story: Hotel - "Chutes and Ladders"This week we were introduced to another one of the hotel regulars, Mr. James March. He was a bizarre man entirely out of his time. Like all the residents so far he had his quirks. March in particular liked to kill people on a whim. So much so that he scarred Tristan. It wasn’t until we got the flashbacks that it started to scar me. His kills were both brutal and perverse. The relationship he had with Ms Evers was quite cheeky and amusing. She was entirely complict in everything he did, even pleading to have the pleasure of being his last kill. He’s possibly one of the most interesting characters we’ve met so far. I’m hoping this isn’t the last substantial bits we see of him. Although I have to say I can’t stand the affectation he took on.

One thing is becoming clear, I’m not sure who is real and who is a ghost. Right now it seems like Mr. March, Ms Evers, and Hypodermic Sally.

Through all this, I’m really not seeing the plot of the season. i get there is a case, but it is so tangential. it just gives an excuse to be at the hotel.

What did you think of the episode?

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