Heroes Reborn – “The Lion’s Den” Review

Tommy is now chipped and given a radius. Essentially he’s on house arrest. Considering we’ve seen that he has literally done nothing wrong it’s kind of upsetting. He’s not being treated with any care at all. The agent in charge of working his case is heartless. He springs news that Tommy is actually adopted like he should have known. Even once it’s clear that Tommy was in the dark to that news and is going through some serious emotions, he just jabbers on about finding his real parents to bring them in. It’s cold. But going home is no better as he learns that he’s been evicted. Everything is just laying on this kid.

Heroes Reborn - "The Lion's Den"Luke decided to go back to their actual home. It is a beautiful home and the photos of them and their son truly painted them as this idyllic family. That said, he didn’t really do much this episode other than sob over the family he once had that was now lost to him. It was something that really didn’t pay off or add to the story. We already got that he loved his son. We got that things were changing. We didn’t need to see all of the weeping because it was a lot of weeping.

Malina is getting closer and closer to more populated society. Really mostly she just ran this episode. Even she got tired of running though. Eventually they caught up with her though.

This episode spent a lot of time following Miko and Ren as they try to get her katana back. We already knew that they put out the social media call. This time we saw it in effect as hundreds of fans swarmed Renautus in Katana Girl outfits. It’s unfortunate that it’s just not that compelling to see them hunting down a sword. Sure, they finally got it, but it just is not a story line I feel invested in.

Heroes Reborn - "The Lion's Den"Speaking of a storyline I did not like, I still could careless about Carlos. In fact, I’m kind of irritated with Crlos, yet I can understand his move. So on one hand I unerstand he needed to go after Dearing because he had his nephew and priest. It was also a shame because Dearing was finally going to get some comeuppance. That said

I have to admit that it’s kind of ridiculous that we see so many instances of Harris essentially doing the same jobs. I mean I know that is essentially what he does for Renautus and his ability makes him particularly apt for that.

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