Sleepy Hollow – “Blood and Fear” Review

This week we are dealing with desiccated corpses with multiple stab wounds. Again it is relating back to something in Crane’s past. I understand if this happens every so often. The problem is that it is becoming repetitive. If everything is from Crane’s past there’s nothing exciting. Turns out Crane had his own experience with the Ripper before he became Jack the Ripper over a hundred years later.

Sleepy Hollow - "Blood and Fear"The actual problem this time was a bit different as it came attached not with an individual person, but with a blade. It looked like a knight’s hand gripping a reinforced foil. It looked a bit ridiculous, but it imbued the user with immortality. It wasn’t until the blade got diseased blood that things seemed to reset. That then involved the pair charging in to a bad situation. Yes, they stopped the man, but not without Crane coming close to death. It was a silly move, but it Crane came out it safe.

There were also a number of romantic plotlines that emerged. There seemed to be a woman Crane kept running into named Ms. Current who offered to help Crane become a citizen. It was clear how much she liked him. Based on Crane’s reactions he seemed to somewhat like her himself. Then there was Abbie who had some sort of relationship with her new boss. There is definitely a sense that there was something there. Chemistry wasn’t something they were lacking, but there was a distance between them as well. The problem with both of these relationships is that the chemistry is never better than Abbie and crane. This wasn’t even a good episode in terms of their chemistry and it was still better than what we got with the other characters.

Jenny and Corbin are still off being hunters on their own. They feel so completely separate from Abbie and Crane. In some ways that’s a good thing. on the other hand it seems to feel less important. That said Jenny and Corbin are slowly building a sense of banter similar to the main pair.

Pandora is an interesting but weak villain. She like Henry is suffering from the failure villain syndrome. As a villain she is constantly sending things at the witnesses. Yet, every week the witnesses are defeating that evil. Sure, she seem plenty sinister and she seems to be getting her way as much she gets in their way. She would have a bit more of an impact if we got an idea of her endgame or if she actually throws something at Abbie and Crane that they can’t stop.

What did you think of the episode?

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