Z Nation – “Zombie Baby Daddy” Review

Seriously, doc encountered a bus filled with Abe Lincoln impersonator zombies within the first minutes of the episode. With some of the Z Nation flair that I had been missing recently, this was a great little moment.

Lucy is one creepy looking baby. The effects used on her look positively gruesome. I get that she’s this creature, but there’s something about looking at the render on that baby that makes me cringe. That said, the rest of the group had a good point about her. They have know way of knowing if Lucy is a good thing, or a bad thing waiting to happen. The only thing that is concrete so far is that she attracts zs. That means they need to figure out whether she is trouble or not. If she is in fact something that the group needs to protect and simply deal with the increased danger.

Babies are already bad in an apocalypse type situation. They cry and attract attention. Lucy is different not calling people just with their cries, but somehow summoning zombies of all species with her mere presence. Honestly, Murphy isn’t doing to well as a baby daddy. Lucy just kept getting him closer. He couldn’t deal and it was clear Murphy wouldn’t be able to pawn the girl off on strangers because of what he was. Instead he opted to make the couple more of his minions ready and willing to serve him.

Z Nation - "Zombie Baby Daddy"All the while, Addie, Doc, and 10k were trying to figure things out and get to Lucy. That meant finding whereever Murphy took her. The problem was actually Cassandra who had stayed behind to keep people from getting to Murphy. She’s been a loyal lapdog. Aside from the zweed, Cassandra has been getting progressively worse. She’s predatory and animal like. She’s different than other zs, but that is definitely what she is. What is almost heart breaking is how that has changed the relationship with 10k. She nearly killed him this episode. Was inches from it. At one point they were almost a thing, before that was roughly taken away from her. We’ve spent this first half of the season watching her degrade and become less of the woman that we once knew. Thus it had to be 10k who finally put her down. The emotional turmoil really paid off, but I’m looking forward to seeing how 10k deals with this.

Vasquez is finally being looked in after all of his sneaking off. I’m glad that Warren wasn’t just looking past his sneaking off and shady behavior. Despite his apparent betrayal it clearly wasn’t to anybody that he actually knew or trusted because he ended up getting beat. They both walked away shot with their enemies now zombies. Their refuge was a hospital. It was filled with zombies, but they were able to reventually fight their way into a safe room with the medical tools they needed to patch themselves up. It also gave as a chance to finally actually get to know Vazquez.

What did you think of the episode?

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