Doctor Who – “The Girl Who Died” Review

I love when Doctor Who is actually in space. There’s something about going somewhere that is entirely other. But I have to admit it’s even more exciting when future tech gets mashed in with past history. I’m not talking about the episodes with strange occurrences. I’m talking tech meets the past. In this case tech meets Vikings.

Doctor Who - "The Girl Who Died"The sonic sunglasses have been abolished. Snapped in a standoff of hubris and indifference. I can’t say that I’ll miss them. Despite their break, Clara was quick enough on her feet to use half of the broken glasses to get out of the danger zone.

Things became quite hilarious when the doctor claimed to be Odin as he failed at yo yo. It only became more ridiculous when he was overshadowed by a project on a cloud of someone masquerading as Odin. The problem was the doctors feeble imitation couldn’t stand against something that beamed down massive opponents.

With Clara and the Doctor split up again, Clara and half the village, the warrior half were brought to Valhalla. Valhalla is just a ship though, but it put on such a great show with plenty of electricity. Clara quickly encountered their opponent who admitted his taking and killing Vikings to make testosterone juice. Clara might have wiggled her way out of it wasn’t for Ashildr who pretty much signed the entire village up for battle. Since they were proud Vikings they would not back down and flee like the Doctor suggested.

With all the real warriors dead, the village were left with men who weren’t so skilled. They are quite terrible so much so that the doctor didn’t trust them with swords. When he finally did, the village was in flames. They are no where close to even being remotely ready. Which means that the doctor needs another plan.

Doctor Who - "The Girl Who Died"It wasn’t a surprise when he came up with one. I didn’t expect it to be filled with tricks, antics, and Benny Hill music. It was an entertaining sequence. While things initially went off without a hitch, it wasn’t perfect. He saved the town but he couldn’t save Ashildr. That is the thing with the Doctor there can be a bunch of people that die and he isn’t nearly as broken up. However when it comes to individuals ones who buy into his plans, if he loses them, he breaks.

There was a nice call back this episode to Peter Capaldi’s first appearance on the show before he was the Doctor, but an eager citizen of Pompeii. This gave him the idea of how to save Ashildr by making her a hybrid. In doing this, he gave her immortality. Thankfully he thought ahead by giving her the ability to give the ability to someone else. The big thing is really just her immortality and what she may potentially be. After the announcement of the new teen Doctor Who spinoff, I’m starting to thing that she may have involvement with the new show. Also I’m going to note that living forever changes a person and it will be interesting to see how Ashildr changes when we see her in the next episode.

What did you think of the episode?

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