Minority Report – “The Present” Review

Agatha is a trouble. Honestly, I wanted to say that she’s a bitch. She is.

It’s Vega’s birthday. So of course she’s the kind that likes to avoid everything birthday related. Shirking breakfast and dinner with her mom, she’s distant. Even she can’t turn down Dash’s sincere gift of flowers. There was no way he would have known that it’s because it reminded her of her dead father. The interesting turn there was that her father had died after Dash and his siblings were in the milkbath, but before pre-crime was official. Of course Vega would start poking around about any old recorded data.

Minority Report - "The Present"The episode got really messy when we learned that the victim this week was actually Vega. This is actually a good angle to use. The problem is that there was no real weight to her being the victim. No more than any others. This is because up until now, they have been able to stop all of the murders from occurring. That doesn’t mean everyone survives, but so far every “victim” has. That means I walked in confident that Vega would be okay. All that said, I was glad to see that it allowed us to delve deeper into Vega.

I’m glad that Vega was finally clued in on what Agatha thought would happen. That was because in order for Vega to tap into their past vision they needed both Arthur and Dash. Convincing Arthur wasn’t that difficult. I really wasn’t that surprised. Despite, Arthur’s harsh exterior he loves his brother and he’s not actually a bad guy. That’s why it wasn’t too shocking that he agreed. It was a painful process and it was so long ago. They struggled to find the memory. It is interesting to see him slowly warming to Vega. He doesn’t hate her like he likes to make clear.

The subject matter because it was so personal felt like it had a stronger impact. Rather than being curious about what would happen next, I genuinely cared about Vega’s well-being. I cared that she was able to finally get justice for her father’s murder. more importantly, I was nervous that Vega might step over that line when it came to what she would do as she confronted her father’s murderer. For that reason, this episode had igher emotional stakes than usual.

Where things got interesting was the twist that occurred at the end. It was never Vega who was the victim that was supposed to die. All I’ve got to say was that was one hell of a birthday.

What did you think of the episode?

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