Agents of SHIELD – “Devils You Know” Review

Lash made his return this episode attacking a group of inhumans who were gathering together to discuss their situation. Lash spared no one as he killed all three people their. thankfully one of them, Alicia was only a duplicate. That didn’t mean the stress of experiencing her own death before snapping back into her main body didn’t greatly effect her. She was left practically bettered and broken by the event and it was rather upsetting to see her curled up fetal.

Agents of SHIELD - "Devils You Know"All this meant was that going after Lash was even more important. Not only was he just going after, inhumans, but he was killing them. Their only clue was what looked to be a virus that went along with the emails sent calling for meetings. They followed the leads until they found the inhuman with the ability to reach out to inhumans. He was an inhuman with a lot of issues and Lash provided an outlet for him. However the ATCU taking in Dwight was only the end for him as Lash hunted him down and killed him. Things got interesting when it turned out that Lash wasn’t just a beastly person, but a shapeshifter. The Lash form that we’ve seen was just a mutation. Lash shifted into a relatively small person.

The trouble brewing within the team is this alliance with the ATCU. Coulson is perfectly willing to play the game and deal with all that was going on. He’s willing to share. The problem is that the rest of his team do not trust the ATCU at all. In particular Mack, who is not letting the fact that they wanted to take Daisy go lightly. Bobbi and Daisy are resistant to giving up intel that they learned.

Jemma is truly having a difficult time adjusting back into normal life. She’s still so caught up on her experience. More importantly, she still believes that she was being hunted and that is driving her to research and find out more. Jemma wants to go back, but she’s also highly scientific meaning that she’s not just wanting to go back, but to learn as much as she possibly can.

Agents of SHIELD - "Devils You Know"Then there was Hunter who was pushing himself further and further into the plot to get back at Ward. He’s really becoming reckless and putting himself into dangerous situations. Even May needed to back away because he was acting without any real solid plan. He’s haphazard and that ended p with him in the exact dangerous position that May warned him against. It wasn’t Hunter who ended up being in jeopardy, but Andrew. Hunter’s recklessness and determination got Andrew killed and it will be hard for him to get May’s help or forgiveness. There will be a lot of blame going on here.

-Mack standing up for Daisy. I need this, guys.
-Lash is a shapeshifter
-RIP Andrew

What did you think of the episode?

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