Limitless – “Personality Crisis” Review

After a few really solid episodes, this one took a step backward. The focus instead was on the actual case of the week. unfortunately, that is not where this show excels. I’m not saying the cases are bad. However, like all procedurals that’s not what really stands out. This case was simply okay, but took the focus away from the interesting increasing plot. Thankfully, the procedural element did at least feed into character development. That said, the details of the procedural were unimportant in the long run.

Limitless - "Personality Crisis"The case was about a man who was creating a bomb. The team attacked the issue by confronting the man’s younger brother. This case pushed Brian. He was forced to manipulate a kid that he related to. He had to extract information. Not only that but then he was driven to lie to the brother to get the information. That meant he had to push his own morals. The slowness of his inner dialogue showed just ow much it was effecting him. Not just that but he was starting to get an understanding of the duplicitous nature that the people he now works with are so complicit with. This manipulation is going to weigh on Brian because it got the kid killed.

We did get some interesting development regarding Brian and what was going on. The focus was on Brian’s relationship with Rebecca and what he had found out about his brother. Brian is being manipulated by Morra and he’s warning himself from getting Rebecca involved. Those moments were rather humorous as he was talking down to himself. It made it even more clear that while he is still the same person, he’s extremely different when he is on NZT. Unlike Rebecca, he is not willing to just accept that he needs to lie and manipulate people. That drove him to the decision that he needed to be honest with Rebecca even if it would likely end up disastrous for him. That’s just the kind of guy that Brian is and this episode really allowed that to bring it out.

However there were more than just secrets that Brian was keeping, but ones that Rebecca was keeping. It turned out that the man Brian was to train with is actually dating Rebecca. Unfortunately, that didn’t exactly work how it was intended. Part of the reason for introducing Casey was to soften Rebecca’s character up so she wasn’t quite so cold. The problem is Rebecca still doesn’t come off as more relatable and human. She is just so stiff and mirthless. Every so often you get a moment of levity, but the are few and far between. Her moment with Casey felt forced.

What did you think of the episode?

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