Scream Queens – “Seven Minutes in Hell” Review

This week after Zayday tied for presidency and became acting president, they decided to have a slumber party. Because Chanel # 3 desperately wanted to hook up with Predatory les even though she wouldn’t admit it, so she forced a game of spin the bottle just among the girls. However, not long after the slmber party was on its way, the entire mansion somehow got locked.

Agents of SHIELD - "Seven Minutes in Hell"Chad Radwell is possibly the most entertaining character on the show. His brothers called him out for sleeping with a lot of older women. instead, he’s going to stop sleeping with so many of them and start sleeping with more of the younger girls. It was almost as funny as all the brothers deciding to have a panty raid and break into the Kappa house. He wouldn’t break the window to get in though until Chanel took back that she said she’d be his forever. Just in time because their armless brother was killed by the Red Devil. (I have to admit though, if a window just needed to be broken I’m not sure why the girls couldn’t do it themselves.

Once everyone was together it was time for a giant game of truth or dare. Chad’s outburst about only having truth or dare was pretty great as he couldn’t accept the concept that someone would lie when given a truth. However when Chanel #3’s secret was spilled, Sam (aka predatory les) was dared to sleep in the death tub where she was of course killed. She did at least get to see who it was all along. Sam wasn’t the only one to bite it, so did Roger.

Agents of SHIELD - "Seven Minutes in Hell"This lead Chanel and Zayday and co-presidents decided to scope out the tunnels. Of course they encountered the Red Devil down there. It nearly took out Zayday. The return of Chanel to help Zayday was what actually shocked me. Chanel after all is in it for herself. However, her reasoning that she needed more people around if they were going to survive was a logical. Heck Chanel even took the initiative to buy all the sisters pink nunchaku. Finally the sisters are starting to bond together. The question is how long that will last before they start stabbing each other in the back again.

What did you think of the episode?

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