The Flash – “Family of Rogues” Review

We are dealing with 52 breaches and the biggest one is right in their basement. It’s kind of disturbing to see. It’s also dangerous. What was impressive was that thy finally created a containment chamber for the breech. More importantly it was stabilized allowing for Jay to finally get back to Earth-2. However, he agreed to stay to help with the Earth-2 breech.

The Flash - "Family of Rogues"While Barry and the team are still oogling over the breach, Joe is dealing with the reappearance of his wife who isn’t dead like we’ve been told. Instead, she is alive and well. I’m not talking about this is the Earth-2 version. It was the real woman claiming that she was no ready to be in her 25 year old daughters life. Her death was faked for a reason and it is clear that she was unfit to be a mother when Iris needed it, but now she wants to come in. This entire situation needed to be handled delicately. I think that Joe handled it the best he could. It was a beautiful moment on screen to the point that I actually teared up a bit.

This week we saw the reappearance of Lisa Snart. There is still chemistry between Lisa and Cisco. What is so endearing about the Snarts is despite them being villains they are also endearing. This time she’s coming to the Flash for help since her brother was kidnapped. Turns out he wasn’t kidnapped, but working with their father. The problem is even Lisa is scared by him thanks to his domestic abuse. The fact that her father was willing to inject her with a bomb. He should win an award for the world’s worst dad. Lisa trusting in Cisco was a nice step with their relationship, whatever it may be. She trusted him with her life and he pulled through.

The Flash - "Family of Rogues"Things actually got particularly interesting when Barry went to confront Snart to find out the real truth. Before he could so much as push on him Daddy Snart emerged and Barry was forced under cover. Again and again during his time with them he had to step in last moment to save those from the dun Daddy Snart so eagerly wanted to use. Yet once Barry’s usefulness was done Daddy Snart shot Barry. Thankfully, Barry is faster than that and caught the bullet, but that still left him with a heist to stop. It turned out that Lennie would truly do anything for his sister, even killing his father and proving that he wasn’t all bad.

For the most part the villains on the show leave a lot to want, but the Snarts are exceptional. Sure, they fall into some bad moments, but they are actual people. We get full motivations and character development with them even if the characters are ever actually developing toward better people. They become more fleshed out people bit by bit.

-The breach looked pretty cool
-Fairly sure you can’t freeze laser
-Patty gave Barry her number
-Lisa and Cisco kissed! There’s definitely something there
-Stein is not getting better and is seriously concerning me

What did you think of the episode?

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