American Horror Story: Hotel – “Mommy” Review

James March and Tristan are buddying up inside the “murder palace”. According to March, he wants more death in the hotel. As far as he is concerned too many rooms have been untouched by death for too long. However, he’s also concerned that his murder palace will be destroyed.

American Horror Story: Hotel - "Mommy"This is not a season that has spaced out kills. It’s not one that kills for logical reasons. Instead, anyone is in danger at any time. The hotel is filled with random chaos and danger. This time we saw a murder out of pure revenge. A murder trying to get back for the danger that he was put in. However Gabriel the druggie from inside the bed just killed an innocent woman in his attempt to kill Hypodermic Sally.

This week we got a serious glimpse into the relationship between Iris and Donovan. Their mother son relationship is toxic and codependent on Iris’s part. She thinks that everything she’s done was for him. She sees herself as always helping him and looking out for him. He sees a mother that was over protective mother who cared more about caring for her son than how he felt. He sees a woman trying to smother him despite his best efforts. he thought death would get him away from her, but it didn’t last. They have some serious issues Workable issues, but serious ones.

We also got some more behind John’s wife Alex. She has come off as a cold and detached woman this entire show. None of that changed this episode, but we got a better understanding of her death. She loved Holden more than anything. She hadn’t wanted kids, but Holden made her feel love in a way she hadn’t. her desire to prove herself as a pediatrician in some ways was supplanted by her love for her son. So losing him completely wrecked her. While, she’s always been distant, this was the first time we really got a chance to see how deep that sadness and lack of care goes.

American Horror Story: Hotel - "Mommy"This week we finally met Angela Bassett’s Ramona Royale who seemed to have the jump on Donovan and didn’t fall to his feeble attempt to approach her and kill her in an alley. Instead, he ended up in her trunk. She took him drained him of blood and criticized him for having drank such terrible blood. It was a campy surprising twist to see that she was once a blacksplotation star. She was on the rise until she encountered the Countess. The Countess simply made her yet another person the Countess entranced and kept her at a distance. Ramona’s rebellion simply left her shattered and wanting nothing more on the revenge on the Countess.

There was a lot of bad dialogue in this episode. I’m talking multiple scenes that just were littered with dialogue that wasn’t just delivered poorly, but felt so stilted and poorly written. it just didn’t work like it should have and really stood out.

What did you think of the episode?

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