Arrow – “Restoration” Review

Felicity was real reminiscent of the old times when it was just Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. They may be working as a team, but Oliver and Diggle are broken. Inorder to see them back again, we need something serious to happen to spur their relationship back onto less icy terms. The pair won’t even spend time together in the same room unless they have pertinent work. The moment that they don’t need each other to accomplish something and they are separate.

Arrow - "Restoration"Despite not wanting to work together they were being drawn together whether they liked it or not. For Oliver that was getting back to his old work of saving the city no matter how small the robbery. For Diggle he was given information from an ARGUS contact about the person who put the hit on his brother. That was a woman, Mina Fayad, who was contacting Darhk through HIVE channels. Once the pair of them realized that things were tied, they began working together. It took all of this and the death of Fayad to start to mend their relationship (Felicity’s push helped them to confront this). They have a way to go, but they are working toward where they need to be.

Aside from it being nice seeing Merlyn and Nyssa again, Laurel was down to business. Her pleas to get Sarah back were driving her to obsession. She could not accept that Sarah was gone when there was this option even if it meant it brought back a Sarah that was nothing like her. Laurel was pushed into a position where she was driven to give in to Merlyn’s plan.

We got more between Felicity and Holt as she recruited him do to some side work. Sure, she was working him, giving no real information, but mining for what he can determine. I’m enjoying Holt’s appearances so far. He’s smart. He has a lab of gadgets. Ultimately, he’s useful. However, the card that was being analysed could be used to track and conversely be tracked. That meant Felicity found herself in the face of danger. She did it with the usual Felicity gusto and even went about wielding a machine gun. Most importantly, this brought Holt into the fold, even if it is only tangentially for now.

Arrow - "Restoration"Thea has a serious problem. It turns out that this anger she feels is a direct result of the Lazarus Pits and the only thing to cure it is the blood of who wronged her. In Thea’s case that’s something she can never get because Ra’s is already dead. Which is why Malcolm set Thea up, against her knowledge, to kill a number of his men to satisfy her blood lust. Unless something can be found, Thea will need to kill every few weeks to keep the bloodlust in check. It is a high, dangerous price to pay. An extremely steep price as the hatred and bloodlust that Thea harbored would be replaced if Sarah was revived. Sarah would then suffer from the bloodlust and Thea would just need to make sure she didn’t end up bloodied being at the end of that hatred. In retaltiation, Nyssa destroyed the Lazarus Pit.

What did you think of the episode?

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