Heroes Reborn – “Game Over” Review

Apparently Evernow is a big deal. I’m still not sure what is so damn important about Miko playing this game. We now know that her father isn’t easily accessible, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a goal. The problem is her goal is being constantly made more difficult by Renautus. The focus of a large portin of the episode was on their misadventures with the video game and the quest. I just never cared about it because I’m not invested in this storyline and I’m not getting a clear idea of endgame. Is this really all just about finding out who her father is? Why is he important enough to the overarching plot that I need to care?

Heroes Reborn - "Game Over"Thankfully, some of that was answered. I’m still not sure what end game truly is for this part of the storylne. However, it is now more clear that Hiro has everything o do with this storyline. Hiro is in the destination that Miko is trying to get to. We did finally get confirmation that Miko isn’t actually real. The real question is how is she able to get into the real world then. How an she have an evo power if she isn’t real. if she’s just a character in a game. she needed to find Hiro and that meant taking the time to accept help from Noah Bennett. Which brought about the first appearance of Hiro. In the midst of all that was a very unexpected, abrupt and poorly treated death of Quentin. It was nice that Noah acknowledged how Quentin had become a friend. The deaths we all saw were erased with the help of Hiro under the rationale that Erica Kravid messed things up first.

Carlos is torturing people. Well more specifically, Dearing. He’s his captive now and he’s doing everything to get information from Dearing. That means a lot of being him up. Unfortunately, he has information which somehow led him to bringing him around.

Meanwhile, Tommy is traveling the world with Emily. He’s on the run and trying to have fun with it. He even took her to the Eiffel Tower. However, when they learned they’d need to be scanned to see if they were evos, things got nasty. Tommy is tired of his recent abuse and just wants to do things like a normal person. Emily, however, wants him to be ore cautious.

Luke and Malina crossed paths. Luke is so lost in his ways that after burning his house down he turned to trying to kill himself. Malina was able to save him though. Things are starting to come together a bit. I’m a little tired of Luke’s jaded act. I am glad that he’s starting to accept who he is and help.

What did you think of the episode?

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