Sleepy Hollow – “The Sisters Mills” Review

Pandora is making her way around town. Week after week, she’s coming up with all sorts of nasty creatures. This week’s creature was the ibizu which stole her sister. This creature kidnaps and kill kids. It’s a nasty monster that only attacks children and can only be seen by them as well. it preys on children ready to lose their teeth. This beast is dangerous. We’ve seen dangerous creatures, but none have put either of our two leads in the hospital. Until now.

When Pandora actually came for Abbie, things got real. This monster was threatening to pull the sisters apart when they were at their weakest. With the knowledge of Abbie knowing about her father on her, she told Jenny. Turned out, Jenny already knew and had for five years. This tore wedge between the two sisters until Abbie’s injury. However, these sisters have a great bond and it’s enjoyable to see neither one willing to give up on the other.

I am seriously not enjoying these repeated visits to Betsy. In many ways I find her far worse than Katrina ever was. The acting is not good. She has no real power or skill. She just appears as a reference point. yes, it’s maybe slightly more believable that Crane is relating multiple events back to a familiar face. I don’t like her though and she feels unnecessary. The Betsy spy angle is’t one that really works. Granted this episode mentions of betsy kept her more concerned about someone. I just don’t care about her, so when I’m seeing the flashbacks I’m not invested and just looking for more information about the current crime. I don’t want to see this spid poorly acted love story with Betsy.

It was a really great moment see see Crane paired up with Corbin. The two had an easy and rather immediate banter. they each have dealt with the Mills women and the result was a topic to talk over. However, Corbin was more interested in the fact that Crane seemed to be flirting with some woman he was texting. It was nice to see him called on his flirtations.

Warning next week is the crossover with Bones. Both are shows I watch. Neither of the shows or similar. However, it’s clear the FBI connections are going to attempt to mix the two worlds. it will be strange because of the two incredibly different tones that the shows have.

What did you think of the episode?

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