Z Nation – “Down the Mississippi” Review

Let’s start with the strange traveling dentist scam that was going on. It’s not often that you see travelling. It was a disturbing scam and interesting way to set up the episode. The question became how it was going to feed in to the rest of the episode.

We just saw the return of some characters last season, Sketchy and Skeezy. We hadn’t seen them since the Fu-Bar. What was bizarre was that they didn’t recognize Murphy as the Murphy. Sure, he wasn’t particularly present in that episode because he killed the man. That said, he was still there. They had plenty of ridiculous stories to tell. They were just as grandiose as you would expect them to be. The pair of them added humor that lightened up the episode. When one of them ended up stic in a hole the other nearly put him out even after he spoke.

Taking to the water turned out to be a difficult move. They all got on the boat of a man they found. Traveling through the water it became clear that it wasn’t exactly the safest place as a pack of zs stopped the boat forcing them to stop. However that separated 10k from the rest of the group, leaving him with sketchy and skeezy. For some reason only Doc seemed to care about trying to find 10k. Doc looked out, but even when he swore he saw a sign of 10k it was dismissed as Doc seeing things. It didn’t feel like the group I came to know. The group I knew had a mission, but prioritized the people in their group. Leaving people behind wasn’t something they were willing to do before, not when there was still a chance. It felt so odd that none of them were really trying to find 10k.

In the town, 10k was getting into plenty of antics with Sketchy and Skeezy. The two love their stories and managed to enchant and entire town. They stole the vehicle and ended up in a bizarre trial. They were going to all get hanged. Thankfully, 10k made a friend told her where he needed to be and she managed to get to Doc in time to warn them about what was going to happen. It was just in time to save 10k and Sketchy. An all out attack on this village led to chaos but freed all three of them in time to let them survive. It was fitting to end the episode with the pair being absolutely ridiulous again.

What did you think of the episode.

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