NaNoPrep: Get Excited

There is no denying that NaNoWriMo is draining. It is a constant push to try to keep yourself motivated. You’re pulling all that you’ve got to get your story on the page. As rewarding as that can be, it is still difficult. However, part of getting through the beginning is starting off on a high. Pretty much, I’m telling you to get excited.

Really get excited.excited3

Here’s the thing, if you aren’t excited now in the days leading up to it, it’ll be hard to keep going when you’re on day 17, exhausted, and feeling like everything you write is crap. It’s going to be difficult to muster some sort of hope and enthusiasm if it was never there. Extremely difficult.

So I declare now the perfect time to pull out your party hats and start dancing. It’s NaNo time. You’re about to write a novel. Your dreams are coming true, at the very least you’re getting one step closer. This is a giant party. Usually when people write, they are secluded in their own little bubble of writing. There are people to bounce things off all year round, but only NaNoWriMo makes writing a celebration.

If you are new to NaNo, this is one of the best times to jump into writing. There are so many cheerleaders and people working right by your side that it becomes something that is more of an event. It takes the pressure off doing it alone and eases you into a world that will push your limits. This is all about meeting your goals with a community as support.

So be thrilled. Love your project. Let the excitement stepe until it is ready to burst. It’s almost NaNo time and I know I can’t wait.

Are you excited?

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