Supergirl – “Pilot” Series Premiere Review

Meet Kara Danvers, aka Kara Zor El, aka Supergirl. She’s quirtky, but sweet. She doesn’t have much of an impact, but it’s hard to dislike her. She brings this sort of earnestness. Not to mention that rather than going for showy, she goes for normality. The entire opening of the show focuses on showing that Kara is a normal girl despite her abilities. Heck, we even got endearing character moments that gave us an understanding of how close she is to her sister. Though they may not be blood you get the sense that their time together has truly allowed them to bond.

Supergirl - "Pilot"However, it isn’t long before she start to see some of Kara’s abilities come into play. She uses her incredible hearing to catch that her date is bailing out on her after a lame excuse. Then within moments, she’s flying, saving a crashing plane that her sister happened to be on. We get to see her strength and her flight and that’s only the surface. We got to see proof that she’s bulletproof, but that doesn’t mean she’s necessarily invulnerable. In particular her vulnerability to kryptonite, even if it wasn’t detailed. Even her heat vision was on display during a pivotal point in her taking down Vartox.

One interesting element is Jimmy Olsen. He happened to arrive in National City just in time for Kara to go all super hero. The way he moved through the office and laid down facts, you started to get a sense that he was toying with her. Actually, you knew from the trailers that Jimmy was in the know before he ever arrived, but the way it played out in the episode worked even if it was a bit on the nose. The way he glanced over at her when he talked about who she may be. Heck, he even talked her boss out of getting her fired.

I liked that they merged the montage of Kara testing out fighting crimes with her testing out her outfits. They managed to stumble upon the right outfit rather quick, but just because she has a costume doesn’t mean she can fight. Strength, and skills can make someone more apt to fighting. However, there are basic fighting skills that are necessary to be effective. The problem with Kara is that she has no fighting skills at all so when she’s fighting someone from her own planet she was inadequate.

Supergirl - "Pilot"Despite Kara going out to fight and come into her own as a hero against her first enemy, Vartox, it became clear how different Supergirl would be from The Flash and Arrow and that’s a military force backing her. The DEO is a defense force that will surely be as much of an antagonist as it is an ally. The DEO is out to stop alien life. Thus Supergirl is ultimately a pawn for them. Yes, she’s building up a group of people who will support her outside of the DEO, but they are small and lack the resources of the DEO.

What did you think of the episode?

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