Agents of SHIELD – “4,722 Hours” Review

Simmons was gone for a long time before she emerged. It turned out that while it was months for us, it was also quite a while for Simmons as well. I loved that upon her first arriving on the planet, she was very much like typical Simmons in the sense that she was making scientific observations. However as minutes became hours, which turned to days and weeks. She was left in a sort of perpetual darkness to boot which made things difficult for her. Simply getting to explore this experience with Simmons was great as she adapted. I can’t deny the fact that this felt very much like a horror movie. She’s fighting to survive alone on a hostile planet.

Agents of SHIELD - "4,722 Hours"There was life on the planet though. This was confirmed by what Simmons fed herself with. I liked that she was as much it’s food as it was hers. The life on the planet was hostile which meant that her lazing about without a care was dangerous. When she was captured it became clear that she was not the only life on the planet. Her captor was a human and that meant with Simmons wits she was eventually able to outwit him and get free. Not for long though as she injured herself on her escape. It wasn’t surprising to learn that her captor (named Will) wasn’t actually her enemy. With that it suddenly made sense why she wanted to get back to Will.

The stories told on the planet were interesting. Will was a NASA astronaut, former military. He was there to keep the other scientific astronauts alive. That didn’t end up happening for him. Will is convinced the planet is moody and inhospitable capable of turning people. However the existence of Will drove Simmons to a place where the hope that had been draining from her bit by bit rushed back The two of them got off quite well. So it wasn’t surprising to see her grow attached to him, especially once her last traces of home were locked away. It seemed only logical that they would eventually form the relationship that they did. I have to admit that it was quite sweet seeing them together. There was a lightness to both of them once they got together.

Simmons was sciencing the shit out of everything during her time on the planet. And yes, I’m referencing The Martian because in many ways it felt similar. Science stayed so positive for so long. Even when things got bad and their luck started to crumble, she had Will by her side to support her and keep her going. She was able to pinpoint where the portals would open.

Agents of SHIELD - "4,722 Hours"It was a very sweet moment when Fitz agreed to help Jemma get Will back. He’d already spotted him on the radar based off Jemma’s research. It was big of him to agree to do that even though getting Will back means admitting that any relationship with Simmons would not happen. Yet, knowing Fitz, there was really nothing else he would have done.

-Simmon was there for just shy of 197 days. Will for 14 years.
-For a brief moment there was sunlight on the planet

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