Limitless – “Side Effects May Include…” Review

I’ve noticed that over the past couple of episodes much of the focus that we had on Brian’s family has faded away. That is a major shame because it was one of the best elements of the show. it grounded Brian and gave him something to live for, and people to care for. They’ve faded to the background and even though it’s only been a few minutes, I already feel like I’m missing them.

Instead, the focus was pulled to Rebecca, which is also a shame. Rebecca is supposed to be his partner. We should care about her at this point. I don’t. If they were to suddenly kill her off or go through with the plan to get Rebecca sent to jail to stay out of Morra’s hair I wouldn’t care. She’s a wet blanket and she jus doesn’t have much of a personality. It’s also part of the reason why Brian was so eager to keep her safe at the cost of his own health and safety. I just never got the sense that she mattered or was important. She was given an opportunity to advance her career by participating on the red team. Yet, I couldn’t find myself thrilled for her progress. Rebecca is a wet blanket to me.

Limitless - "Side Effects May Include..."Brian was shoved into a tough place. He may be a genius on NZT, but it has terrible side effects. Other than the fact that it led to death, he’s incredibly sick and hallucinating. This is all because the shot that allows him to remain stable is being withheld until he gets rid of Rebecca. The effects showing how sick he was were well done. The makeup that got increasingly worse really highlighted how much he was being effected. The entire process was done really well. More importantly, you started to understand the conundrum that Rebecca was in. On one hand, if he doesn’t take the pill he isn’t smart enough or quick enough to figure out what he’d need to find another solution. Yet, if he took the pill he’d be subjecting himself the the increasingly worse side effects.

Also Morra made an appearance. It was a little frustrating to learn that all the strife and trouble that Brian has been going through was a test. Yes, the result of their conversation does open Brian to new possibilities, but nothing is clear cut at the moment. We’ll have to see how things turn out in time to see how Brian and Morra’s relationship will develop.

What did you think of the episode?

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