The Flash – “The Fury of the Firestorm” Review

Stein is having some serious issues. We’ve been seeing this week after week, but now he’s down for the count. At least they were able to craft a cane that he can use to stay mobile that keeps his body’s desire for fusion in check. What he needs more than ever is a new person to merge with. With Ronnie out of the picture, Stein’s mutation is debilitating him. Finding a match should be highly difficult. Which is why it was so completely convenient that they had such a skilled team with necessary resources to narrow down a list two to potential people who could be his match.

The Flash - "The Fury of Firestorm"Then there was Dr. Henry Hewitt. As a scientist, Caitlin was all in before they met. The big problem was that he was all ego and rage. It was pretty easy to tell even before the merge majorly failed. He was filled with rage. And the attempted activation triggered Hewitt’s latent ability. That meant he was unstable and also proved that Caitlin’s research skills aren’t the best as he had prior violence on his record. Suddenly we had our villain of the episode and our opportunity to get to know him made him more memorable. I’ve said this many times before, there are a lot of villains on this show that are so forgettable because they are treated as obstacles rather than people. I’m not saying that Hewitt was at the top of the villains list, but he was far more effective than most.

The most obvious choice was Jefferson Jackson aka Jax. He was a former athlete who was going to have his choice of colleges for football. The night the particle accelerator exploded he was seriously injured ruining all chances of what he planned for the future. He was jaded as a result. Even attempting the proposition wasn’t something that could be easily broached. He eventually came around to it, but the explanation was too big. I was really glad that Caitlin brought up that despite having the grades to go to college he didn’t. He gave up. Jax had way too many struggles to overcome and that meant something big needed to happen.

It was nice to see it be Caitlin take the steps to really recruit Jax. After her harsh words with no real concept of what might happen to those who don’t have the financial ability to shell out the thousands of dollars for college. That and getting getting attacked by an enraged Hewitt, Jax was finally willing to make the jump. Seeing Stein truly hurting didn’t hurt the push to get Jax on board. The successful merger didn’t give Jax much time to the transition as they needed to take down Hewitt. I was quite glad that they didn’t just have Jax be in control of his ability. I have to admit I’m liking Jax as Firestorm. He spouted more personality than Ronnie ever did. I just hope we get to see more of that and he fleshes out.

Iris is going through some serious issues. The bombshell that was dropped on her last week was a big one forcing Iris to re-evaluate her relationship. Iris went to the meeting and was very clear that she wanted nothing to do with Francine. Of course a person doesn’t just walk back into someone’s life after 20 years without some motivator. For Francine it was the fact that she was dying and wanted Iris to know her mother as the woman she became before she died. I like that Iris dug up more information on Francine than Francine let on. While I’m glad that Iris took a stand against Francine, I’m a bit upset that Iris is going to shut out her brother and keep Joe in the dark on this. I don’t say this for Francine’s sake, but for her brother who will be alone when Francine dies.

The Flash - "The Fury of Firestorm"We also had Earth-2’s Harrison Wells running around. While it is rather unfortunate that this version of Wells is evil. We knew that the original Earth-1 Wells was not evil, but we never got to spend any time with him. Aside from some flashbacks, we only saw Thawne masquerading as Wells. Now to have Wells emerge and clearly have some negative motives is unfortunate as he will end up feeling one note unless we get to see he has more. Considering that he stopped King Shark was an interesting twist.

-The repeated mentions of King Shark was funny.
-Cisco’s awkward agreement that he’d love to have superpowers, when he’s doing everything possible to deny it.

What did you think of the episode?

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