Arrow – “Beyond Redemption” Review

Oliver Queen for Mayor! Oliver is all for it, but everyone surrounding him is a bit uncertain about this new endeavor. However, with a new campaign comes a campaign office. Smartly, they took over Blood’s old location since it already had a lair attached. With some help from Cisco and STAR Labs, the new arrow cave is completely tricked out and hopefully more secure.

Arrow - "Beyond Redemption"What was rather interesting was that despite Quentin not trusting Oliver, like at all, he still essentially pushed a case on him. I’m not sure that Quentin has ever done this so openly, so considering their current relationship I was surprised. Quentin’s case is about two of his men who were killed. The problem is that the people who killed the cops were actually other cops. These are not ordinary cops, they were highly competent completely disarming the entire arrow team before retreating. These cops have moral standards. They won’t kill their own and they really only want to take down vigilantes and criminals. It is an interesting force to go against. However, it as clear that a number of the cops were starting to waver on where they drew lines. Yet as the episode moved on those lines were blurred. Unfortunately these cops ultimately didn’t leave as much of an impact as they could have.

There were some really great moments between Oliver and Quentin this episode. There were some surprisingly open moments between the two of them. They were forced to push their relationship. Despite Quentin seeming to be on Oliver’s side, I truly don’t know where Quentin stands, but I like that they both needed to talk things out a bit.

The continued messages that Felicity is receiving is  bugging her, which means it is finally getting the time of day. Ray is sending her messages with his old code. he real question is how and why he is sending the information in this way. With Ray being completely shrunk, his means of communication is highly limited. Felicity is not for digging in to what is believed to be Ray’s final moments. She finds it painful, until Curtis drives her to look at things from a different perspective. The question now is the rest of Ray’s message and where it goes from here.

Arrow - "Beyond Redemption"The entire situation with Sara is bizarre. Laurel is treating Sara like she isn’t the monster she currently is. Instead, she babies Sara and acts like she’s a puppy or small child. The truth is Sara is hostile and confused. That means she’s dangerous. Sure, she may come around (we know she eventually well to some degree thanks to Legends of Tomorrow), She’s practically feral now. Quentin almost put her down because he couldn’t even recognize his daughter in her any more.

-Thea almost let it slip about the ring Oliver was supposed to have given to Felicity by now
-The scene between Oliver and Quentin about Darhk was fantastic

What did you think of the episode?

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